Easter marked by record temperatures, next weekend will be summer again


Meteorologists said in the course of Monday that the temperatures were really April. In addition, they added that temperature records were set in many places. At the hottest stations, the value was 25 C, and we can talk about a so-called summer day here. The absolute warmest was in Karvin (26.0 C), HM wrote on sti X, reading records until the https://twitter.com/CHMUCHMI/status/1774824767448555797 New records appeared at about two fifths of the more than 160 weather stations.

Apart from Karvina, the temperature record for April 1 was perfect, for example in Budjovice, Czech Republic, where they reached 25.7 degrees, or in Bohumn, with a temperature of 25.3 degrees. In fourth and fifth place among the stations with new records were Perov and Czech Krumlov, the same with a temperature of 25 degrees. At all these stations, the original records from 2021 were around 23 or 24 degrees.

The occurrence of Monday’s and Tuesday’s rains coincided with the meteorologist dreaming of lots of Saharan sand in the air. The concentration of Saharan dust will decrease with the passage of the cold front during Monday afternoon, said meteorologist Tefan Handk.

In the afternoon, meteorologists on Wednesday called off the smog situation caused by sand from the Sahara. The situation was only valid in the Moravian-Silesian region and in Brno.

The 24-hour dust concentrations were over 100 micrograms per cubic meter on Sunday before 5:30 p.m., according to the HM website, in several cities in the Czech Republic. They were especially high in the regions of Moravia and Silesia, where in several places even during the mole season, hourly dust concentrations exceeded 200 micrograms per cubic meter.

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At night on the ter it will be closed and clouded. He will go to Moravia and Silesia, he will also cut me in the mountains. Temperatures will range from 9 and 5 C.

In ter it will be clouded and it will be pret. According to the meteorologist, it will be hot on Tuesday. Veer will reduce the thickness and oblation. The highest temperatures will be between 11 and 15 C.

In the middle it will be semi-bright and cloudy from the start, there will be occasional freckles on the horizon. During the day, it will be cloudy and overcast from the west, sometimes light. The low temperatures will range from 7 to 3 C. The highest daytime temperatures will reach 12 and 16 C, to the southeast and 18 C.

On Thursday it will be clouded and covered. There will be patches of revenge that will diminish tomorrow. The minimum temperatures will be 9 and 5 C. The highest daytime temperatures will rise to 13 and 17 C, to the southeast and to 19 C.

In the bird it will be partly cloudy, freckles may appear in the north. Low temperatures will range from 9 to 5 C. The highest daily temperatures will reach 18 and 22 C.

Lookout from Saturday to Monday: It will be partly cloudy and cloudy. According to the meteorologist, it will gradually become cloudy, sunny and cloudy from the west. Rarely, a bug appears. The lowest temperatures will be 13 and 8 C. The highest daily temperatures will rise to 21 and 25 C, gradually falling to 16 and 20 C.

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