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In a ten-part contemporary comedy drama, a divorced mother during her third pregnancy decides on an unusual solution to her life situation: Immediately after birth, she wants to entrust the child to new adoptive parents of her own choosing! Under the script for the series with a short, clear and concise title Child were signed by Kateřina Krobová and Lucie Macháčková. The creative duo of Radim Špaček and Rozálie Kohoutová will share the direction. Judit Pecháček will play the lead role, suitably complemented by Ondřej Malý, Elizaveta Maximova, Vladimír Polívka, Tereza Hofová, Jaromír Nosek and Eva Hacurová.

The subject matter and then the scenarios impressed me with their originality, I was interested in the topic of surrogate parenting and, last but not least, I was attracted by the possibility of working with authors who have very successful projects behind them, but are making their debut in the field of television series. I like their goal kick and sense of humor,” says creative producer Alena Müllerová. Co-authors of the popular show Nasty bastard of a mothernamely Kateřina Krobová and Lucie Macháčková, se this time they decided to develop the topic of motherhood and parenthood in an animated series.

The central line of all ten parts Baby is a direct adoption, i.e. a completely legal procedure where a pregnant woman directly, without the assistance of authorities and institutions, chooses a couple or an individual to whom she entrusts the care of the child after the birth. It’s an unconventional procedure, but not unusual at all.” explains Lucie Macháčková. “In the stories of our heroes, we also show different forms of surrogate parenting. Of course, we had a very intense relationship with the main character Klára. It was hard not to judge her in the beginning, but gradually we came to an understanding and sympathy. We spent almost two years with her while writing the scripts, and the relationship was really to the core,Kateřina Krobová adds.

As stated, on CT screens after the series Crime scene in České Budějovice the acting star, whom the audience also remembers from the fairy tale, will return Devil quilldrama Fair play or sporting event The last raceand which we can see in the cinema in the spring of 2024 in Dryness or in And we got what we wanted. “My heroine in the series Child she already has two offspring, each of them with a different father. The third pregnancy puts her in a situation that she has to solve mainly with regard to her existing family. What I like most about her is that she does everything for the good of her children. She is a loving mother in a difficult life situation,Judit Pecháček introduces her character.

Viewers will watch a family series in which the main character is looking for the best parents for her third child. She herself knows very well that she will not be able to take care of the next child in the way she herself would like and imagine,” says director Rozálie Kohoutová. First episode of the series Child, which should fall more into the comedy genre, took place in March in Hořovice in Berounsko, where the filmmakers will spend most of the total of 74 filming days. It will be finished at the end of the summer, but work in the editing room will start as early as April. In the ČT1 program serial appear in 2025.


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