“Anti-Semites will remain anti-Semites.” The death of the humanitarian ignited the Polish-Israeli dispute

“Anti-Semites will remain anti-Semites.” The death of the humanitarian ignited the Polish-Israeli dispute
“Anti-Semites will remain anti-Semites.” The death of the humanitarian ignited the Polish-Israeli dispute

The extreme right and left in Poland are accusing Israel of positive murder in connection with the der. The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm and a scientist of the Confederation, Krzysztof Bosak, claims that Israel is committing crimes and terrorizing humanitarian organizations with the aim of starving the Palestinians. It is this Bosak who to this day has refused to condemn the massacre committed by Hams on January 7, wrote Jakov Livne on page X.

He recalled that it was Bosak’s party colleague, Gregorz Braun, who extinguished the Chanukah candle in the Varava parliament with a fire extinguisher in December.

The extreme right and left wing in Polsce accuse Israel of artificial morderstwo we wczorajszym ataku, w skutek krzegoj mier ponieli czonkowie organizacija humanitariannej, w tym obywatel Polski. Vicemarszaek of the Sejm and the leader of the Confederacji Krzysztof Bosak twidder, e Israel popenia https://t.co/AocKIKnDP4

April 2, 2024 at 7:35 p.m. pspvek archived: April 3, 2024 at 12:01 p.m.

Animal: anti-Semites will always remain anti-Semites and Israel will remain a democratic Jewish state fighting for its very existence. So for the benefit of the entire western world, according to the Israeli ambassador.

Zvren st his pspvku immediately provoked a critical response. I have no words. Except for the audacity, responded the historian Stanislaw erko. Be quiet. At least respect the parents who mourned the death of their son as a result of the commission of a criminal act, reported the sports newspaper Przemek Langier.

Poles who are shocked by the death of humanitarian workers, are they anti-Semites? How did it go? What exactly do you mean that antisemites will remain antisemites? Disgusting, wrote the newspaper Bartomiej Wypartowicz, the founder of the RaportWojenny project of the renewed wolf to Ukraine.

You wrote something like this: We killed your Polish compatriot who helped in Gaza. Anyone who dares to point out that this is mental murder is an anti-Semite, lawyer Bartosz Lewandowski, f of the Ordo Iuris Institute of First Culture, told the Polish ambassador.

During the attack on the convoy of the World Central Kitchen (WCK) charity organization, in addition to the Polish Damian Soble, a citizen of Australia, Great Britain, Palestinians, and a hunter with citizens of the USA and Canada were killed. According to WCK, the convoy was hit when it left the warehouse in Deir Balah, where it unloaded 100 tons of food to be transported to the Gaza Strip by sea.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the attack was tragic and senseless, and the Israeli army said the circumstances did not depend on the circumstances.

I join the heartfelt condolences of the families of our state volunteer and the civilian victims in the Gaza Strip. The Polish Prosecutor’s Office is opening an investigation into the matter, said Polish Foreign Minister Radosaw Sikorski, who met with Livno on Tuesday. The head of Polish diplomacy assured that Israel would send Poland its animals as soon as they were ready.

According to the Gazeta.pl portal, the Palestinian ambassador to Poland, Mahmd Chalfa, intervened in the dispute. The deceased were not indifferent to the situation of the civilians in Gaza and the humanitarian aid given to you in your genocide and famine, said Chalfa, according to whom the attack on the convoy was a form of terrorism.

The Israeli army said on Tuesday that the tragic mistake was the result of poor target identification in difficult conditions.

In addition to Poland, politicians from a number of countries, including the USA, Britain and Australia, announced that they had been dismissed and condemned. US President Joe Biden also criticized the attack in the center, who declared that he was outraged and devastated.

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