The right investor buys gold today

The right investor buys gold today
The right investor buys gold today

He has a brick-and-mortar store in the Municipal House building in Prague. But be careful, the shop is on the second floor! Not on the ground floor. In order not to get lost, use the service entrance (from the street near the Municipal House) right next to the Blanka Matragi shop window and take the elevator to the second floor. You can also get gold for low prices in Brno, in the iconic brick building of Dornych, next to Vaňkovka.

It is the low price and high inventory that brings new people interested in safe storage of funds in precious metals to this traditional seller of investment gold and silver. You can see that the prices of gold bricks and gold coins at this seller are really the lowest on the page – investment gold. The price list in euros is on the same page – investment gold.

The floor price of gold sets this seller apart from other offers on the market. This is also confirmed by its ranking in first place in last year’s comparison of financial products in the category of sellers of precious metals (the competition is organized by the Finparada server of Scott&Rose).

Why invest in gold?

In the long term, gold is recommended as an integral part of a properly diversified portfolio. However, the recommended representation of gold in it is growing. Ten percent is no longer valid and those who do not want to invest risky can increase its representation up to 90%.

Gold is known from history, both ancient and recent, as a security that will withstand even in times of economic, political or military uncertainty. It will certainly play its role in the climate crisis, which is probably already here, we just don’t want to admit it yet. Money stored in gold does not get bitten by inflation. Moreover, it is a mobile asset, which definitely makes gold an even better investment than real estate today. If there is a geopolitical or climate crisis, property ownership in a specific location is a problem.

Only investment gold, i.e. gold bars and gold investment coins, are suitable for investing.

Experts say that the price of gold will continue to rise. There is interest in it, it has proven to be an inflation fighter and a great investment to maintain property value. In addition, the gold mines are almost exhausted and new deposits suitable for efficient mining have not yet been discovered. All this will lead to an even greater increase in the price of gold.

You have to invest in gold correctly

Investing in gold is easy even for laymen. You just need to know what not to get into. First of all, it must be said that only investment gold, i.e. gold bars and gold investment coins, are suitable for investing. So they are not gold jewelry, nor are they collectible commemorative or numismatic coins.

Also avoid saving in gold and various virtual products associated with gold. Shares of gold mining companies are not suitable either. None of these products imply physical ownership of gold and are basically just another risky financial product.

Choose a good gold dealer

Do you think you will buy investment gold from different sellers at the same price? It is not so. Everyone works with different margins, so it’s good to know where we’re charging more unnecessarily. A great tip is to buy gold at Here you can also buy the most prestigious brands of investment gold. Of course not Czech, because none of the Czech mints are involved in this business. That is why investment gold is brought to us from Switzerland. And it is in the store that you can buy the best of the best. Then there are gold investment coins. You won’t be stupid there if you choose the Austrian or Canadian ones. You can also buy them at

The store enables the purchase of investment gold in its brick-and-mortar stores, but you can also buy it safely in the e-shop. The shipment is insured and there is no risk involved. Thanks to the e-shop, you can flexibly buy investment gold when its price falls. You can also invest in gold regularly. You don’t go anywhere, you just order it in the e-shop and have it sent to your home.

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