A huge accident, her husband was killed by a car!


TV Nova presenter Petra Svoboda in tears. She is experiencing a huge personal tragedy, her husband and businessman Ondřej Křivka died on Sunday afternoon. He is survived by a four-year-old son.

The great tragedy of life! 41-year-old TV Nova presenter Petra Svoboda has been mourning her husband, who is three years her junior, since Sunday afternoon. At the weekend, they enjoyed free time and beautiful weather at a cottage in southern Bohemia.

On Sunday, Petra Svoboda shared photos of the surrounding landscape on social networks, first a light spring rain and then blooming flowers and beautiful sunny weather. It was this that lured her husband Ondřej Křivka to a bike ride. After all, it was precisely in southern Bohemia that he regularly went on long rides on his road bike.

Ondřej Křivka was riding his bike and was hit by a car

Unfortunately, his Sunday ride turned out to be fatal when, according to the police, the driver of a passenger car in the village of Dírná – Nová ves in Táborsk apparently did not give way and hit him.

“The driver of the Citroen vehicle, year of birth 1986, did not give way to a man on a bicycle at the intersection. He suffered injuries in a traffic accident, from which he died on the spot. The police conducted a breath test and a test for the presence of other addictive substances on the driver. With a negative result,” said South Bohemian Police spokesman Miroslav Šupík for Novinky.cz.

Rescuers tried their best to help the famous presenter’s husband. Crews from Tábor and Veselí nad Lužnicí arrived. “The man was unconscious when we arrived, the paramedics immediately started indirect heart massage and subsequent resuscitation care. Although they tried to revive the cyclist for tens of minutes, their efforts were in vain. In the end, the doctor had to declare death,” said Zuzana Fajtlová, spokeswoman for the South Bohemian Rescue Service.

Moderator Petra Svoboda in tears

These are tragic moments not only for his wife Petra Svoboda, but also for their children. Ondřej Křivka was survived by their common little son Eduard, who is not even four years old. And also 14-year-old Ráchel, whom Petra Svoboda has with Jan Svoboda from a previous relationship.

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