A club of happy dreams: an audiobook of original stories for children free of charge

A club of happy dreams: an audiobook of original stories for children free of charge
A club of happy dreams: an audiobook of original stories for children free of charge

Where did Terezka’s cat, the green ball, wander, what happened when the dishes went to shit, and who lived in the flower under the bed? This and much more was taught to the children from the open stories, which are long enough to fall asleep after a while. The stories told by the actors will lead the listeners, at least among the rest, to the water and land kingdoms.

I made these cute moles five years ago for my daughter Karolna. We had fun with them. And so that we don’t forget them, I wrote them down. They were inspired by quite a few things: when I was a child, I loved knitting sweaters and felting funny pictures on them. And she licked my ball – and that’s how the story About Cats and Balls came about. Actually, she was the first and my favorite. That’s why I read it myself, remember the author and editor of the audiobook Jitka kpkov.

To this day, I can still see before my eyes the children’s hit in Dejvice, where Kja hrt and I used to go, and where the idea for the short story O Kapice Antonia was born while looking at the children’s chumel. The story About the hen with a hairy neck was put into my head by stupid TV commercials, Straidlka Meiana was inspired for the change by the pictures of little Kji, who often drew two little girls: Meiana and Kuliana. They were very strange companions and they lived their own lives, after all.

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The fact that the author’s daughter Karolna – now an adult – has also succumbed to the whole record as a sound engineer and beater, also proves that the first nap has a positive effect on development.

The audiobook is inked by Hynek ermk, Veronika Kubaov, Ji Dvok, Matou Ruml, Igor Bare, Jana Strykov and Jitka kpkov.

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