Petr Koblic: And the state takes a dividend or taxes from EZ, but it does not regulate energy prices

Petr Koblic: And the state takes a dividend or taxes from EZ, but it does not regulate energy prices
Petr Koblic: And the state takes a dividend or taxes from EZ, but it does not regulate energy prices

The energy crisis in Europe is a big threat to the economy and society, discussions about the limitations of the free energy market, but according to Petr Koblic, the stock market is not the place to be. “The free energy market made sense for a quarter of a century, it worked perfectly. All of a sudden, since the world of Europe, in particular, collectively got drunk on Russian vodka, took a senseless step and started a vertical gas attack, is the free market starting to make sense? No way, the fault is elsewhere,” said Koblic, who has been standing for 18 years after the stock market crash.

According to him, the current problems should be solved in a different way than, for example, ceiling prices of electricity. The State could collect your pension, increase dividends from EZ or avoid tax. “Then let’s target those who have the most problems. We have to cast out companies that are useful for providing you with all-purpose services, from companies that would use cheap energy to charge you with cryptocurrencies. But for God’s sake let the free market work,” he lied.

If the state is looking for a source of income, it should be the sale of some state enterprises and their corresponding stock exchange. “According to Stt, there are a few companies that could go bankrupt, but there aren’t many of them. To catch them is to fly; there is no reason for him to keep one hundred percent. But I think it’s a little late for you to sell your dog on the stock market,” he said in an interview for Ekonom Koblic.

The Start stock market is filling up, and newcomers have appeared on it this year. Will this wave continue?

Yes, two emissions for the year were announced, one by one company. So there will be five primary emissions this year, if there were six or seven, that day would not be a surprise. But I don’t want to make any promises until now. Every day, this year will be the most abundant year in terms of the number of emissions at Start. I can’t say anything other than that I’m satisfied with how viable this market is. Of course, we have to catch some flies, but what I have to say is that the way Start is designed and how it works is quite unique. Another favorite of Start, which we would like to appease, is the success of some of the companies there in the main market of the stock exchange. There are at least two candidates, if they manage to get rid of them in two years, it’s a huge rush.

The energy crisis has lasted eight months and will probably last longer, but because of that we don’t have to approach the EZ.

When we talk about the main market, in the 1980s there was a big boom in the stock market, and roughly two dozen companies saw it. At the same time, during that time, there was no company. The stock market crash is quite rare; what is it?

There are a large number of really rich investors in the whole country, most of them usually bought all their property, except for the privatization of the country, and a lot of pensions. They have a few billion or ten billion crowns, they don’t know what they dream of, so they just decide to buy some company and tear it down. You don’t see anything like the bird’s range abroad.

Doesn’t this show the rise of the stock market crash among small investors? Historically, there have been cases when minority shareholders were ousted in Prague, much to their displeasure. You uO2 Czech Republic or PFNonwovens.

In the first breaths, the capital market of all countries is a displaced normal element. Just think about the size of the foreign market, that’s why it arouses such emotions. I don’t want to comment too much on the two changes, the general decline of companies is natural, I don’t think it is a code for the Czech capital market. One example for all: seven years ago, many media celebrated the sale of the Czech gum company. Instead of such a company ending up in bankruptcy, as I am sure would happen in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the owner (Tom Nmec and Oldich Lemr – editor’s note) sold it to a competing company abroad. Ajeliko then sat on a bundle of money, one of them bought PFNonwovens and it was destroyed by the stock market crash. Instead of one company being listed on the stock market in Prague, there was one mine. This is the fate of the Prague market. For a long time, the parties know everything possible to patch up the situation, but that’s it.

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