I want to go to bed! The day when the US Open louily had fun with ampions

I sleep with my eyes downcast. And if they worked hard on the press, they certainly didn’t allow themselves to be separated. Logical.

I competed at the Grand Slam after a year and two months. I was looking for myself in the yard. I was unlucky in the tie break, said Amerianka Williamsov after a 1:6, 6:7 portion from Van Uytvanckov from Belgium.

Mm, confusion in my head. M mylenky letj vude mon. I don’t have fun on the court, I don’t manage the holes that I made, said the Japanese woman from Sakao, she was helped by Collins 7:6, 6:3.

Defending champion Emma Raducanu is in the first round at the US Open.

I was sent away. I’m disappointed, mm new puff. It was very windy, the British Raducanuov, the defending champion of the Polish title, was defeated by the French Cornet (3:6, 3:6).

Williams’ New York triumphs go back over a thousand years (2000, 2001). While her young sister Serena is at Flushing Meadows at her farewell party, Venus has not released her career in twenty-two days. He claims that if he is eager for the top, he would grab only one of the last 13.

In response to the question about the sports pension payment, she only said: I’m focusing on the bad guys.

Venus Williams

In it, I will present myself on Thursday with Serena, they will be challenged by the likes of Hradeck and Nosková. The twenty-four-year-old woman could not answer the question of how she gave the program. I am not sure. I take it one day at a time.

She won the American and Australian Open twice. The professional circus sometimes educates her. Delusion in nm. Obas flee from it. In 2022, she advanced to this round in Melbourne, in Pai and New York she was eliminated in the first round, she did not even fly to London. It slips somewhere around the 50th place.

Raducanuov, who is 80 years old, lives in a house for two young women. Don’t lie down. he told everyone that the town of trínku is devoted to photography and advertising. It’s no wonder that he was the only one crying after the unexpected: I want to go to bed!

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