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Death is always sad. If a young person loses their life, the whole event is all the more tragic. It was no different in the case of Richard Weber, who lost his life completely needlessly. How did Rozina deal with it?

Rozina moved to Ulica from Moravia together with her parents and younger brother Filip. The beginnings were not easy for her at all. It was a big change and Rozina was even bullied by her classmate Lucie Weberová. This whole period was very difficult for her, but the kind and nice Rozina managed it in the end, and after some time she even started modeling and started having fun with Lucia again.

Lucie was not the only member of the Weber family to whom Rozina found her way. She also met her brother, who quickly fell in love with her. And he certainly wasn’t indifferent to her either. But a big problem in their relationship was the relation to intimacy. Richard would like to go one step further, but Rozina did not feel ready yet. They started to become estranged in their relationship, and it annoyed Richard quite a bit. One evening, when he had prepared a surprise for Rozina, he got so drunk and sat in the car under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, it turned out tragically and Richard tragically perished.

Anna Kadeřávková (Rozina) and Johan Mádr (Richard Webber) were a couple in reality, Source: Pavel Gwužď / Nextfoto

Rozina learned this news at school and of course was completely shocked. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Remorse of conscience also appeared very quickly. Rozina was afraid that she was indirectly responsible for Richard’s death. This very negative experience and huge grief also brought her a major crisis of faith. Rozina has always been religious, but after this experience she could not accept the idea that God would allow such a thing. Not only her family and friends, but also parish priest Ryba, who patiently talked to her about this topic, became a great support for her.

The death of Richard hit Rozina really hard. But in the end she managed to get out of the worst and started living again. Although she still went through some hardships in her life, everything turned out well in the end and Rozina went out into the world to gain experience. In addition to the experience, she also found a new love here and got married.

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