The completely unnecessary death of Pepina’s pony

The completely unnecessary death of Pepina’s pony
The completely unnecessary death of Pepina’s pony

A completely unnecessary tragedy, unfortunately caused by human stupidity and unwillingness to follow the rules, occurred on Saturday in the area of ​​Farmapark U Toma in Ledce near Plzeň.
“It is with regret that we have to inform you that on Sunday, August 28 at 5:30 in the morning, our pony Pepina died,” Tomáš Urbanek, the founder of the farm park, wrote about the event, stating that the cause of the animal’s death was Acacia poisoning at the hands of unruly visitors.
“For completely incomprehensible reasons, on Saturday around five o’clock in the afternoon, an elderly couple and their granddaughter plucked Acacia twigs from the forest and fed our ponies through the fence right next to the “Do not feed!” sign, despite the fact that if visitors want to give our animals a treat, they have vending machines with safe feeding available on the premises,” Mr. Urbanek introduced us to the case and continued: “The situation was noticed by our nurse in a moment, who tried to solve the matter immediately and literally took the spiky twigs out of the three ponies’ necks.”

Acacia thorn is highly toxic to horses and only 70 grams of its bark will cause serious problems for a half-ton horse, a significantly smaller amount is dangerous for a pony weighing 100 kilograms, so despite immediate intervention, one of the animals could not be saved.
“In just an hour, Pepina was completely apathetic with severe colic, followed by the arrival of the veterinarian and other nurses and literally a fight for every second. Unfortunately, we lost this fight in the morning.” Mr. Urbanek described.

Violation of the ban on feeding without consent can be considered a crime of cruelty to an animal, but no criminal charges have yet been filed, according to a police spokesperson.
“It was one of the worst experiences in our lives. Making the decision to euthanize Pepina, who is barely standing in excruciating pain, when you know that it was caused by a twig from the hand of a visitor, is something terrible. We are full of emotions, helplessness, anger, rage, regret, sorrow and grief.
Despite the whipped emotions, it must be said that Pepina’s death was not caused by the intention to harm the animal, but by “mere” ignorance. Therefore, in memory of our Pepina, we would like to inform the people around us that feeding animals with anything without the consent of the owner is prohibited, not because of the whim of the owners, but because you can kill the animals!”
added Mr. Urbanek, saying that he would like to thank everyone who tried to save Pepina until the last moment, and ask everyone to be aware of what they can cause and to spread information about it to others.

“Unfortunately, this is a continuous and ongoing problem not only affecting horses, but also other animals, which costs the lives of dozens of animals every year. Under certain conditions, such as the animal’s diet, even grass alone can cause the problem. Without consulting the animal’s handler people should simply not feed any strange animal, it can end in its death.” veterinarian Tučková told us, who was called to help Pepina.

Why not feed someone else’s horse!

  • Horses have very sensitive digestion, even a few extra apples, carrots or pieces of bread can mean a death sentence for them.
  • ​Horses cannot rationally evaluate what will make them sick.
  • Horses can suffer from allergies, even a piece of apple or pear can cause a severe reaction.
  • Even if horses graze on grass, grass from the mower or steamed grass is very dangerous for them! Never throw it into the paddock with the horses!
  • After consuming unsuitable food or a large volume of food, horses are at risk of clogging and knotting of the intestines, inflammation of the intestines, blood poisoning, hooves seizing – everything is fatally dangerous for horses.

Photo Farmapark U Toma

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