The price of gasoline in Slovakia – Driver’s portal

The price of gasoline in Slovakia – Driver’s portal
The price of gasoline in Slovakia – Driver’s portal

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Gasoline prices across Europe have grown rapidly. It did not escape the Czech Republic, but neither did neighboring states like it Slovakia.

If you’re going on a summer vacation by car, it’s a good idea to plan your refueling in advance. This will save you a lot of money. If we are not talking about Poland, then in most of the neighboring countries you pay extra for petrolso it pays to leave the Czech Republic with a full tank.

The price of gasoline in Slovakia

The price of gasoline in Slovakia has increased recently. In July reached the highest numbers and that around 1.94 euros (47.76 crowns) per liter. In the article about petrol prices in Italy, we recommended you to refuel outside the main routes and highways. Unfortunately, in Slovakia, the prices on precincts and highways are almost identical. In the last few days, the situation surrounding fuel prices has been improving and at the moment you pay for a liter of petrol in Slovakia an average of 1.73 euros (42.50 crowns).

In the Czech Republic, gasoline prices are on average 2 crowns lower than in Slovakia. If you’re going on vacation to Slovakia or just passing through, it’s worth filling up a full tank the Czech-Slovak borderwhere the price for one liter of petrol is around 39 crowns. For Moravians and Silesians, it is more worthwhile to drive to the Polish side, where gasoline is even cheaper than in the Czech Republic.

If you really want to save, the trip is worth it by bus or train. This option is cheaper than driving along your own axis, but you won’t get to all corners of the country and it will take a lot of time.

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