Education fee CZK 500 towards pension. How to apply for child benefit

In addition to extraordinary valorizations, seniors will also improve their “educational” skills. From January 2023, the parent who mainly cared for the child will receive a contribution of CZK 500 for each child raised.

What is educational?

For women who are already receiving a pension, the amount will increase automatically depending on the number of children they are raising. For women, if their pension is newly granted after 31/12/2022, and for fathers (regardless of when they have been receiving the pension), it is possible to grant child-rearing allowance based on an application to the Czech Social Security Administration.

The so-called education is compensation for raising a child or children. “The goal is to appreciate the merits of caregivers, their efforts to contribute and educate a new contributor to the pension system, and at the same time to compensate a lump-sum reduction in the pension that occurred as a result of career fluctuations related to education,” states the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

There should also be a reduction in the statistical difference between the average retirement pension of women and men. On average, the difference so far has been approximately 3,000 crowns per month.

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Tuition amount

  • In 2023, the tuition fee will be fixed at CZK 500 per month for one child.
  • In the case of raising more children, this amount is multipliedfor example, 1,500 crowns will be due for 3 children, by which the percentage amount of the old-age pension, regular or early, will be permanently increased.
  • Tuition amount from 2024 and later, se will gradually valorize in the same way as the percentage amounts of pensions.

When will you receive educational allowance for your pension?

One of the parents will always be entitled to child support, and the one who took care of the child more. As a rule, they are women, but if the child was mainly taken care of by a man, of course he will receive the education.

“In this way, we are increasing pensions because until now, unfortunately, mainly women have been ‘punished’ for raising children instead of working and thus having lower incomes. The difference in the average pension amounts to almost 3 thousand crowns. But society has no future without descendants, and that is why education will finally be properly appreciated,” explains Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka.

The number of women who will receive education automatically from January 2023could be at the level of 1.4 million. The average amount by which their pension will be increased will reach 1,100 crowns.

Conditions: Who is entitled to educational allowance

The person (woman or man) who provided the education of a particular child to the greatest extent is entitled to child support. The conditions are similar to those that apply so far for the purpose of lowering the retirement age for women.

“Therefore, it will be required that a person personally care for a child up to the age of majority for at least ten years prior to the date of entitlement to an old-age pension, with the provision that if he/she took up the upbringing of the child after reaching the eighth year of his age, it is sufficient if he/she cared for at least for a period of five years and did not stop caring for the child before reaching the age of majority,” states the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Application for education: When to submit it

Act No. 323/2021 Coll., which amended the Act on Pension Insurance, enters into force on 1 January 2023. Women’s pension will be automatically increased by child support from January and they do not have to apply, men can apply for child support from September 2022. If the request is justified, their pension will increase from January.

Form: Where and how to apply for tuition fees

For old-age pensions that were granted before 1 January 2023, the following applies:

  • To women with an already granted retirement pension will increase automatically without the need to submit an application.
  • An automatic increase is not possible for men, because the pension payer does not have the number of raised children recorded in his records. Men will be granted educational allowance only upon request.

Prescribed form for submitting an application and an affidavitwhich serve to prove education, will be from September 2022 available at ePortal of the CSSS, through which it can be submitted if the applicant has the technical means to prove his identity (e.g. ID card with a contact electronic chip or bank identity). Otherwise, an application for educational allowance can be submitted to the relevant district social security administration.

Father or mother? Who will receive tuition automatically?

Therefore, in the standard case, the old-age pension will be automatically increased for women, so it is not necessary to submit an application for child-rearing allowance. However, this does not apply in all cases.

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Who must apply for educational allowance?

  • Men who raised children – if you, as a man, provided the majority of the upbringing, the upbringing will belong to you. But not automatically. At the same time, the man must prove his upbringing. The situation must be monitored, otherwise child support will automatically be awarded to the child’s mother.
  • Women without counted education – Female pensioners who do not have education included in their pension will not receive education allowance. These may be cases where the woman did not provide proof of education.
  • Women and men with expired old-age pensions – People whose old-age pension has ceased due to a higher disability pension. After the pension is transformed back into old-age pension at the age of 65, it will be necessary to apply for education allowance.
  • Women and men with transformed pension and required insurance period – If the pension was so-called transformed from a disability pension at the age of 65, the educational allowance accrues if the condition of the minimum period of pension insurance is met (today it is 35 years, previously it was less). Again, an application for tuition fees is required.
  • Future retirees – For old-age pensions awarded after 31 December 2022, it will always be necessary to apply for child-rearing allowance, when submitting an application for old-age pension, otherwise the right to child-rearing allowance will not arise. The application for educational allowance will be part of the pension application.
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Child care allowance and disability pension

In order to be entitled to educational allowance, it is necessary to fulfill the condition of the necessary insurance period for the entitlement to a retirement pension. “The required period of insurance includes, among other things, the period of receiving a disability pension for third-degree disability (previously a full disability pension), or also other so-called replacement periods, e.g. care of a child under the age of 4, care of a person dependent on the help of another person in degrees II to IV, management in the register of applicants for employment or studies before the year 2010,” states the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Therefore, if you, as a recipient of a disability pension, meet the conditions for entitlement to an old-age pension, there is nothing to prevent you from applying for this benefit. If you are granted a pension, you will fulfill the basic prerequisite for entitlement to educational allowance from 2023.

Tuition fees and valorization of pensions

The child care allowance for 2023 will reach 500 CZK for each child raised (the originally intended limit of only three children does not apply, so those who raised four children will have an additional 2,000 crowns.

In addition, the amount will be valued regularly from 2024. From January 1, the amount will always increase by as much as the percentage of the pension (merit part) increases as part of the proper valuation. If, for example, the percentage amount increases by 5 percent, the child bonus will also increase by 5 percent. If there is also an extraordinary valorization, the education fee will also be increased with this increase.

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