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Fiala: Further salary growth in education will become clear after the budget debate

Fiala: Further salary growth in education will become clear after the budget debate
Fiala: Further salary growth in education will become clear after the budget debate

Prague – By how much money the salaries in education will be increased next year, it will become clear only after the debate on the state budget for next year is completed. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said this after today’s government meeting. School union representatives said today that in response to current inflation, they are demanding a 15 percent increase in the amount of salaries for teachers and non-teachers in education starting in January. Their chairman, František Dobšík, said that at the beginning of the school year, it would be fair if the employees in education knew how the government wanted to increase salaries.

Fiala today described the question of how salaries will continue to develop as fair. However, he did not specify the possible increase. “Educators will know this the moment we finish the debate on the state budget,” he said.

He reminded that teachers’ salaries have increased since January of this year. Their base salary, or tariff, rose by two percent. Today, the cabinet approved a regulation that will increase the basic salary of non-teachers in education by ten percent from September. The prime minister pointed out that non-teaching staff in schools did not receive an additional 20 months and that these are low-income groups of people. According to him, they were already underfunded under the previous government.

Fiala also pointed out that the government recently adopted an amendment on teaching staff, which foresees a guarantee of teachers’ salaries at 130 percent of the average salary. The new system could be binding when drawing up the state budget from January 2024. The Ministry of Education had previously calculated that state budget expenditures would have to increase by about 30.5 billion crowns in 2023 and 2024 as a result of the adjustment.

According to the unions, with a 15 percent increase, the average salary of teachers should reach 52,710 crowns next year and would correspond to roughly 122 percent of the expected average salary. This year, with the amount of 45,835 crowns, it is roughly 113 percent, the trade unionists said. According to statistics, the national average wage reached 37,839 crowns last year. According to the salary portal, the amount including all bonuses increased to 49,166 crowns in the first half of this year.

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