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With the trilogy Sun, hay, strawberries (1983), Sun, hay and a couple of faces (1989) and Sun, hay, erotica (1991) a number of prominent actor names are connected. Many of them, such as Helena Růžičková (✝67), Jiří Růžička (✝43), Jiřina Jirásková (✝81) or Pavel Vondruška (✝85), are unfortunately already dead. Today’s birthday girl, Jaroslava Krestchmerová, who went down in the history of Czech cinematography as Evík, is still bursting with life energy. After years, how are not only her, but also her other acting colleagues doing?

Jaroslava Kretschmerová (67)

The character of Evík is inextricably linked with Jaroslava Kretschmerová, but we definitely cannot say that she is an actress of one role. She also appeared in many other films and fairy tales, such as Lotrando and Zubejda (1996) or the more recent Micimutr (2011). He is active not only in film, but also in the theater. She remembered this year the atmosphere of Hoštice also thanks to the fact that she got a role in the musical Sun, Hay, Strawberries. In it, however, he no longer acts as Evík, but portrays upper gossip Kelišová. Although her chosen one in Trošké comedies was the animal lover Béď played by Jiří Lábus (72), in her personal life she apparently did not do well with men, or at least she knows how to protect her privacy very well. She has never married and has no children.


Sometimes people call her Evíka, and the actress doesn’t mind it at allPhoto:

Bronislav Cerny (61)

Unlike Kretschmerová, the actor Venci Konopník did not make a big career in the world of film. He originally went to the audition just for curiosity and surprisingly it worked out. Director Zdeněk Troška (69) said of him that he was very natural, surprised everyone and had incredible potential. However, he exchanged his acting career for a job as a truck driver, and it is still unclear to this day why his acting discovery was decided that way. In 2003, he still flashed in Kamenák, but otherwise apparently preferred a more peaceful family life to the tinsel of show business.


The former actor did not miss the premiere of the musical Sun, Hay, StrawberriesPhoto:

Pavel Kikinchuk (62)

The actor who took on the role of Šimon Plánička, an enthusiastic student and innovator in the field of cow milking, remained in the artistic profession. His portfolio mainly includes comedies and Zdeněk Troška cast him in all three parts of Babovreský (2013, 2014, 2015). His daughter Kamila Kikinčuková (33), who also works as an actress, followed in her father’s footsteps. Like Kretschmerová, Kikinčuk appears in Sun, Hay, Strawberries on theater boards – he was assigned the role of old Škopek, played by Stanislav Tříska (✝63) in the film. He says he enjoys this role a lot, because he mainly sits or lies in bed.


In the role of Škopek, the actor showed himself to the audience in his underwearPhoto:

Veronika Kánská (55)

Actress Blažena Škopková has only a few films to her credit. Although after actress career she wanted since she was a child, after unsuccessful admissions at DAMU, she eventually became a librarian. But fame accompanies her even after years. People still call her Blaženo on the street and want to take a picture with her. Veronika Kánská has two children and her daughter Anna-Maria (29) is talked about mainly in connection with the fact that she is dating with thirty years older billionaire and former racing driver Richard Chlad (59).

Photo: Jiří Hadač / CNC / Profimedia

This is how Veronika Kánská enjoyed family life and pregnancy in 2004Photo: Jiří Hadač / CNC / Profimedia

Petra Pyšová (54)

We cannot forget Blažena’s sokyna in the love of Milun either. In addition, Pyšová and Kánská didn’t get along much even outside of filming, so they didn’t even have to pretend so much on the set. Apart from the trilogy, the actress appeared only in the film Na krásnom modrom Dunaji (1994). She studied journalism and for some time worked as an announcer and subsequently as a moderator of the discussion program Sunday Party. She later worked in the financial sector and in senior management positions. She has three children with her husband.

Photo: David Kundrát / CNC / Profimedia

The former actress is doing very well in the world of financePhoto: David Kundrát / CNC / Profimedia

Jiří Lábus (72)

Czech actor he has always had a cheerful nature and therefore perfectly took on the comic character of the zookeeper Bédi. He still remembers the filming fondly. He devoted his life to work and became an old bachelor. Even as a young child, he said he wanted to be the center of attention, and even persuaded his classmates to bully him so others could feel sorry for him. He is still actively filming and acting. Last appeared for example in a movie fairy tale The Secret of the Old Bambi 2 (2022). He lives in Prague’s Vršovice, where he is said to have even sought out a hospital for the long-term sick for times when he can no longer rely on himself.


Jiří Lábus entertains the audience even after seventy, but he is also ready for when worse times comePhoto:

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