Back-to-school stress: What causes it and how to deal with it?

Back-to-school stress: What causes it and how to deal with it?
Back-to-school stress: What causes it and how to deal with it?

A new school year begins and with it new challenges, new shared experiences, but also new opportunities to get to the bottom of energy. Some are looking forward to going to the desks, but the majority of students are facing a very urgent stressful exam. Some of the questions must have crossed your mind: Will I be able to cope with the new school year? Will my friends be okay? Will I be able to fit in well with the team? Unfortunately, the resolution comes only during the teaching itself.

“Feeling stressed about the start of a new school year?” we asked our Instagram followers. A total of 1,776 students took part in this small research. Only a minority of them do not feel any stress (319 votes), on the contrary, 45% of respondents feel stressed, and 37% of participants have mixed feelings about returning to school.

In an ideal world, school should provide young people with a safe haven and space to find themselves and improve their skills. However, some organizations still put pressure on the performance of their employees and instead of a safe place, they create more of a haven for a dysfunctional team and in some cases also for bullying. Whether you are studying, have a child or sibling at school, or work directly in it, our article will describe specific concerns and situations to be aware of. There are also tips for prevention.

Challenging change

We asked psychologist Petr Davídek, who, among other things, deals with working with children, about stressful situations when returning to school and also solutions to the resulting problems. According to him, returning to school itself can be one of the stress factors.

“There can be many reasons why students are stressed about going back to school. One of them comes from the fact that after a long time we experience some change in our lives. That in itself creates a certain amount of stress.” Davídek zooms in. “We wonder what it will be like, if friends will be the same people, if there will be any major changes at school,” complements. However, according to him, the return itself is more of a natural stressor, which would not necessarily restrict the student.

Children spend an enormous amount of time at school, which logically affects their adult lives as well.

Greater difficulties can occur when other factors are added to the return to the benches and to the change of the daily routine. One of them can be, for example, the current fear of rising energy prices, which is addressed among students at home and in the media, and which some young people may perceive more sensitively.

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“I see the Covid and energy crisis as a catalyst in this respect. We all have themes that we learn to work with. When we experience some kind of stress, for example in connection with the rise in energy prices, it can make us even more anxious about going back to school.” Davídek zooms in. As a result of stress, psychosomatic problems or anxious thoughts can also appear in young people.

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