Is Gorbachev to blame? –

Is Gorbachev to blame? –
Is Gorbachev to blame? –

Mikhail Gorbachev died. Who can still be moved today? The world is so far away and so different. And Russia is so different! Although that is a question. Was Russia different then under Gorbachev? And was there even a Russia when it was the Soviet Union? What in the east is actually rolling around for all time as a monster? He was always scary, and sane people always preferred it to roll as far as possible.

But under Gorbachev, the fear eased a little, and for a while it seemed that Russia might be a little more complicated and clumsy, but still a normal country that would not need to be so afraid. Was this attempt to “normalize” Russia a real hope, or an illusion and nonsense from the beginning? And what does it say about this that this very hint of “normalization” is considered by most Russians to be the worst period in history? Perhaps even worse than Stalin’s cruel rule, which actually strengthened Russia in their view?

Soviet union he was a monstrous colossus in the mid-1980s who seemed unstoppable—and indeed for the ages. And Gorbachev wanted him to be the colossus forever. But an efficient, functioning, modern colossus: in that he was a utopian communist, perhaps one of the last believers that this was possible. At the same time, he saw that it was all rotten, decaying, corrupt, shabby and, on top of that, eternally drunk. Despite his high intelligence, Gorbachev believed in the obvious nonsense that it was possible to reform and save the monster. If he didn’t believe it, maybe the Soviet Union would still exist in some half-dead form.

Gorbachev’s merit lay mainly in the fact that he did not actually succeed in undertaking what he very sincerely tried to do. Gorbachev he lost and his efforts ended in debacle. His “perestroika” was a remarkable drama that had features grotesquesabsurdity and heroism. Gorbachev wanted to save the order by dismantling its pillars, causing the system to collapse completely. Maybe a different type leader he would kick around furiously, and when he saw that he was going to the bottom, he would try to pull the others down there. Gorbachev’s the state went to the bottom, but he gave freedom to others. Thanks to that, it was possible to live in this country, even in this one!, in such a way that people can remember it with amazement in today’s times.

Thanks to this, the person who experienced it will remember Gorbi with emotion and gratitude. And with astonishment, how it all continued.

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