The chat helped. Olomouc is not dead, but you are. Jlek looked determined

Hez gl twenty-five-year-old defenseman Jakub Pokorn did not give, and who is going to congratulate him. I have to pin the rest under him on my Twitter account so that he will be the first to see. What would they give to Olomouc if something similar were to happen before sending faith to St. Liberec.

Take it easy, Kared. However! There were other men in blue and they failed like a dog…

Spiel hit the crossbar with an arc, he froze, Zorvan’s volley was fired up by Vliegen, Poulol’s header from close range went just wide, he was blocked in front of the goal by the Slovan’s butt. Phew! Out of nine attempts on goal, only Mojmra Chytila ​​took the ball after the car, when he hit Matouk on the walls and from the side to the ground in the 36th minute, Krsna hung up.

Only the ascension to the second race had Sigma remaining passive. One could have expected that Liberec, which is at the bottom of the table, will not play as badly as in the first half. And after the stele stdajcho Viinskho, he turned it into a perfect arc teujc sigmk He froze, flattened. Sigma Liberec 1:1.

We have to take the point at ten, said Liberec coach Lubo Kozel. It’s hard for the house.

Although they stopped the bad streak and played like a replacement compared to the previous matches, they did not create so much in the last four rounds together, so with a high-quality performance at the pace of the truck they consolidated the position of the coach Vclav Jelko, but they should have won by those goals…

That means that from the 69th minute, Sigma played a cross-court pass after Talovrov’s red slip on the active Zorvan, who was correctly awarded a red card by the Star referee after the interference of the video decision. The first half was as we would have expected. A great fit crowned with a great deal of sweat, he thanked Jlek hrom for his full-on style.

They attacked high and came up with quick combinations. What a change after dull deeds! At the second party in Hradec, where we pushed the soup by ten, it was excellent, see Jlek, a change of form. It is a sign that the team is not dead. The guys were very determined, but it just doesn’t happen. You have to put reason and quality into it. In the final phase, we did things that were not correct.

Olomouc footballer Mojmr Chytil celebrates his goal against Liberec st.

Jlek Kurn, after a single thorn, put the novice Pokornho in the stopper pair with Poulol, which was also a risk due to the communication.

He went out. While he was eating, he helped the party with a look.

It will go better, Jlek has no doubt. I already know him from the youth national team. Have a good warm-up. We didn’t know when the problem occurred. He told Pokorno in front of his friend Bene, he just had some minor health problems. It was very fast. I didn’t respect motivation at Bank u. I agreed with the manager to find him a new club. Then, within two days, it took off and I’m here, said Pokorn.

From Ostrava, where the native of Znojmo spent six years, helped the traditional brand with the return to the league and made his debut there, he was on his way out. He achieved the paradox at the time when he was part of coach Pavel Vrba’s starting line-up. Sigma lied to find a stopper, or after the end of Roman Hubenko’s career and the subsequent transfer of representative Vclav Jemelka to Pilsen, they only had one, and that was Vratil, who could not play due to a penalty. After Jemelka’s departure, we knew we needed somewhere to supplement. We worked intensively on it from the moment when it was clear that it would not be possible to come to an agreement with Plzeň on a high compensation, Sigma sports manager Ladislav Min shared.

Moment from the league match between Olomouc and Slovan Liberec. In the middle, Mojmr Chytil from Sigma, the author of the first glu domce.

In Sigma’s first win of the season, Pokorn was like Ostrava’s soup, and since then they have beaten the Hanci.

I don’t have personal customs at all. Snam se bt tmov hr. I want Sigma to work hard where it should be and fulfill its pre-season ambitions. The earliest memory of Olomouc is that we lost 0:3. I know that he will be able to take on these feats soon, the stopper sings, he just put on a jersey with the 39th code of nevyutich ancs, but I respected the time, he said.

He also played for st nad Labem and Hradec Krlov on guest nights. He won 92 matches in the league and scored 6 goals.

The one from last morning against Olomouc was unforgettable.

Will his angam on Han be memorable too? It started promising.

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