A man accidentally stabbed himself! He won a Darwin Award for his bizarre death

A man accidentally stabbed himself! He won a Darwin Award for his bizarre death
A man accidentally stabbed himself! He won a Darwin Award for his bizarre death

Introducing another winner of the ironic Darwin Award, which is named after the biologist Darwin and is given to those people who, through their stupidity, have brought about a particularly bizarre death (or sterilization) and thus benefited the overall human gene pool – by removing themselves from it.

The case, which happened on August 26, 2006 in Leicester, England, really puzzled the investigators for a long time. Darren, 33, was on the phone with his friend that day. But just a few minutes after he hung up, he called an ambulance. When paramedics arrived, they found a young man in the hallway of his home bleeding from multiple stab wounds to the chest, with his own bloodied knife lying next to him.

The police immediately assumed that Darren had been attacked, but no evidence was found to support this hypothesis. Further investigation revealed that there were no signs of a match on Darren’s body or in his home, and an autopsy revealed that the stab wounds to his chest were self-inflicted. This confused the police, as Darren had no suicidal tendencies or depression at all up to that point, and he had called an ambulance himself!

The bizarre clarification of the mysterious case was only brought by Darren’s girlfriend at the time, who was on vacation at the time of the unfortunate incident. She says she remembers Darren wondering aloud if his new jacket was stab-proof when she left on holiday. Yes, you guessed right.

Darren, whose girlfriend was enjoying the holidays, was home alone and probably out of boredom he got the “brilliant” idea to test his theory. You’d think he’d put the new jacket on a chair to test its ‘point-resistance’, but Darren opted for a more authentic version of the point-and-shoot test. He put on his jacket and, believing his crazy theory to be true, stabbed himself several times in the chest. Although he called an ambulance, he eventually succumbed to his own injuries. When the whole incredible situation became clear after a year of investigation, he rightfully won the Darwin Award.

Source: Darwin Awards

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