12.h – Europe is witnessing an increase in interest rates and an economic recession, the BCPP rises and falls, the euro-dollar is tight above parity, oil deepens a more severe decline, gold reaches the level of USD 1700

European stock markets start trading in a negative mood. This is the fifth result of many comments about the need for further rate increases and the resulting concerns about overall economic development. All major sectors are in the red, led by the basic raw materials sector, which fell by more than 4%.

The head of the Fed, Mesterov Vera, stated that according to the demand, the dollar rate will increase towards above 4%, which is due to the weakening of the growth of the economy there.
From the point of view of the ECB, there are comments about the possible need to increase the originally planned rate growth rate.

The negative effect of the decline in the activity of the manufacturing sector of the euro area according to the PMI index of purchasing managers. ervenc’s decline to 49.8 points was deepened to 49.6 points in August.

In the morning, the euro weakens more than the dollar towards the mutual pair.
The koruna is uncertain against the euro and slightly weakening against the dollar.

Online usd/euro exchange rate chart
Online chart of the exchange rate of the euro
Online usd exchange rate chart

Oil slightly deepens the public’s sharp afternoon decline. According to analysts, until the end of the year, price stagnation of around USD 100 per barrel of Brent can be expected. There could be a slight decline in the fifth year. According to analysts, geopolitical factors and not a certain relationship between supply and demand will play a role in pricing. Analysts warn that the fall of any economic recession in the main economies of the world should not be reflected in market prices.
Gold hit the $1,700 mark per troy ounce.


In the morning, the BCPP corrects the positive development from the previous few days. The selling pressure is concentrated on the shares of EZ and the bank, with the exception of the share of KB, which are growing slightly. The situation in the banking sector is and will be difficult for the foreseeable future. Along with the magpie of many “sector” taxes, there are fears about the negative impact and manifestation of threats of economic crisis and recession.
EZ calls for the final form of the proposal for an energy crisis.

Prague Stock Exchange

Online 12:04:54

Don’t call Course Change Volume Faith
AVAST 199.80 -1.09% 0.76 million 202.00
COLT(CZG) 540.00 -0.55% 0.54 million 543.00
EZ 979.00 -0.81% 171.65 million 987.00
ERSTE 542.00 -2.34% 25.03 million 555.00
KB 576.00 0.26% 59.93 million 574.50
KOFOLA 282.00 0.00% 0.41 million 282.00
COIN 77.00 -0.39% 9.05 million 77.30
PHOTON 73.20 -1.08% 0.16 million 74.00
PILL 900.00 0.00% NaN million 900.00
P.M 16560.00 0.12% 2.31 million 16540.00
VIG 571.00 -0.35% 0.01 million 573.00
Subject: Stock Exchange 269.84 million

px online index


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