Today begins the chance to get rid of debts without interest and penalties. Summer of Mercy II starts

photo: With the permission of Markéta Vančová/Prague Municipal Court

From September 1 to November 30, 2022, debtors who find themselves in foreclosure in connection with their outstanding obligations have a second chance to “favorably” pay off their debts.

Gracious summer II applies to debtors from among natural persons who are not in insolvency proceedings and at the same time their execution must be handled by a bailiff. At any time during the mentioned period, it is possible to pay the execution to the account of the executor, together with the fee for the executor in the amount of 1,815 crowns.

However, this only applies to foreclosures that were started before October 28, 2021, i.e. before the first round of this event.

The press release of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs states (MPSV) that the Summer of Grace applies to debts owed to public institutions or state or semi-state enterprises, it cannot be applied to tax and administrative executions that are enforced by, for example, the customs or financial administration or the social security administration.

Examples of receivables

It is possible to enforce executions sent, for example, from rent owed in municipal apartments or for waste collection. It also concerns the concessionary fees owed by Czech Television and Czech Radio. It also applies to executions for unpaid health insurance or fines for illegal driving. It is also possible to include unpaid receivables in execution for accounts with ČEZ.

How to proceed step-by-step when processing a request with an executor can be found on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

We wrote

These are often “sins of youth”, forgotten fines or other debts that have “ripened” up to the stage of executions. From September, the second round of the so-called gracious…

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