The school psychologist is like Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Anyone who needs help should find it

The school psychologist is like Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Anyone who needs help should find it
The school psychologist is like Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Anyone who needs help should find it

School psychologist and teacher from the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Pardubice Mgr. et Mgr. Michal Kopecký speaks in our radio consultation on the topic: the most common problems faced by children, teachers and parents.

We’ve heard it before, especially don’t say it anywhere. Today, children can hear, but say it, you have the right to do so. But a middle ground would be ideal.

M.Sc. et Mgr. Michal Kopecký, school psychologist

Do today’s kids have it harder than we or our parents did?
This is a very difficult question, comparison is always tricky and very challenging. It seems to us today that today’s children or youth have everything, they have an incredible amount, and we couldn’t possibly do many things. On the other hand, with great opportunities comes great responsibility. A lot of emphasis is placed on people being able to make good decisions on their own, to think about the future. I don’t dare say who had it harder or easier. However, one thing I know for sure is that today’s youth do not have it easy at all.

Some psychologists say that today’s children are largely uncooperative, they are more individualists. Do you agree?

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On the one hand, they are individualists, and a kind of egocentrism is also being built. We used to hear it at home, especially never say it. And today’s youth, on the contrary, hear, but say it, you have the right to do so. Neither of these is entirely wrong. But something in between, a golden middle path, would be ideal. But that’s always a good thing to say to us.

We all guide our children to be active but also socially competent. But that is very difficult. But it is true that these characteristics are built in society. But we’ll see where it goes. I won’t allow myself to completely guess, maybe it’s the path that will lead us one day. And maybe there will come a time when you say stop, so you can’t go on and another way will be found. But this is connected with one big risk, that it will go from wall to wall.

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From extreme to extreme. In the previous two years, covid also made school more difficult for children. And he certainly affected us all in some way.
Definitely. Basically, I don’t know of anything that doesn’t affect us in life, everything touches us in some way, but this was a strong intervention in socialization. A clear element of school is also getting to know new friends and acquaintances, learning to get along with them. And suddenly we have turned children into individualists who sit behind a computer.

What specifically did people come to see you with? Did you feel any emotional deprivation?
Most often it is really anxiety. Anxiety is number 1. It comes with the sentence, I can’t go on, I don’t know what to do with it. When there was covid, maybe they were able to layer it up somehow, but they took on more activities again, because a lot of things didn’t have to be done. On the other hand, before that, people completely lost a certain order in their lives. So it’s primarily anxiety.

Everyone is most important. If the parents do not cooperate with the school, we will not have quality teachers, so we will not advance the children.

M.Sc. et Mgr. Michal Kopecký, school psychologist

Social issues are the most talked about. Clients feel that they are constantly being evaluated. Such a concept has already been created. I had high school graduates and they came up with the term covid high school graduate. It was discussed a lot in the media, what will be the future of our covid children when they did school online. So it’s already a certain stigma that they carry. Maybe we adults don’t notice it that much, but it’s seriously a label that really stresses children out.

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Is it still true that the most important person in the school team is the teacher who could help? Like a school psychologist?
I believe that the most important person is everyone. Because if parents don’t cooperate with the school, we won’t be able to motivate children well together, and if we don’t have quality teachers, we won’t be able to do well. We will not move the children further. In my opinion, the interplay of all these elements is needed.

What would you like the listeners to take away from today’s interview?
I had the idea that we were like Dumbledore preaching to Harry Potter. I wish that help could be found by everyone who needs it. So that his voice can be heard, so that those people are really not afraid to speak up and turn to someone with a request. Because the school psychologist does not evaluate, but tries to help parents and children feel good. So don’t be afraid to turn to anyone.

You can listen to the entire radio consultation with school psychologist Michal Kopecký in our audio archive.

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