“Bugs obediently freeze.” Purple and a gift for children: It’s already rolling


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Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) started the school year today at the Májová Primary School in Ostrov in Karlovy Vary. In addition to the usual reminiscence of his school years, however, this year at the beginning of the school year he talked about more serious topics.

The Prime Minister also commented on the energy crisis and assured that schools will function in winter. “Now we’re working on something called a state energy trader. Even if the situation in Europe remains as dramatic as it is now, we are able to guarantee that we will have enough energy for public institutions, critical infrastructure, hospitals and of course for schools, energy at affordable prices.” stated according to ČTK the prime minister with the fact that the government does not count on the announcement of so-called coal or energy holidays.

Before the children, he remembered his school years in a more relaxed way. “When I went to school, it was a long time ago, so I was also looking forward to learning to count, write and read well. My parents had a big library at home when I went to school, so I couldn’t read yet,” he told them.

But then he gave them a gift that can seem rather chilling in times of energy crisis.

He brought the students the fairy tale book Bugs by the author Jan Karafiát – that is, a story in which the bugs pay for the lack of heat with their lives.

“And it was cold. Oh, it was cold, bad cold. Streams froze to the bottom, birds fell from the air, – it froze until it sparkled. Ah, the bugs under the juniper, if they can last? – Let it. However, if they freeze, they will obediently freeze,” reads the conclusion of this book, and after the winter only twelve poor houses remain after the bugs.

According to many, the book by the prime minister, which is already blood-curdling, can become a kind of “preparation for this year”.

“One wonders if the prime minister is subliminally preparing us and our children psychologically for this winter,” notes lawyer Jindřich Rajchl, according to whom the prime minister has “backfired”.

He rebuked Prime Minister Fiala for his choice of literature for this year’s tough autumn, saying that if he were in his place, he would be “just a little more careful” with his choice of literature at the moment.

“This is how one wonders if we are not expected to obediently freeze in December as well. According to the current policy of our government, it really looks like that,” he points out.

Journalist Miloš Čermák is also in doubt as to whether this is the most suitable book for first-year students at the end of summer 2022. “I don’t know if you remember, but I read The Beetles as a kid, and that book has a traumatic ending. All the broucci will freeze during the harsh winter,” he recalls.

Lawyer Tomáš Tyl also pointed out that it was the prime minister’s own “goal”. At the same time, Prime Minister Fiala wished the children to “read as many such books as possible soon”.

SeznamZpráv.cz journalist Lucie Stuchlíková is already wondering about the photo of the prime minister handing out books, who shared it with a quote about the “obedient freezing” of a family of bugs.

Well-known evangelical pastors who, as video creators, spread religious content in an often entertaining form, acting under the moniker Pastoral Brothers, note that the prime minister could have gone further. “Bugs is still a good book. We can be glad that he did not give them the Revelation of John. But then again, it’s true that people will at least warm up there,” they indicated that even the makeup of the apocalypse might have reached the first graders. Although such a story would probably not bring winter to children sufficiently.

Journalist Apolena Rychlíková then indicated that a lot of literature is more suitable for this autumn and winter. “Pippi Longstocking! Ronja the Robber’s Daughter or The Lionheart Brothers,” she named examples.

With her journalist colleague Matěj Schneider, she subsequently pointed out that there should have been a distribution of “anti-Putin sweaters” together with Broučky. “That should be brought by Markéta Pekarová Adamová,” the journalist was amused.

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