Another obscure death, the oligarch and boss of Lukoil Maganov fell out of a window in Moscow

Another obscure death, the oligarch and boss of Lukoil Maganov fell out of a window in Moscow
Another obscure death, the oligarch and boss of Lukoil Maganov fell out of a window in Moscow

“Today (Thursday) morning, Maganov fell out of the window of the Central Clinical Hospital with Polyclinic. He died as a result of his injuries,” the source of the Russian agency Interfax said, adding that the police had arrived at the scene.

The TASS agency then adds that he fell from the sixth floor. The cause and circumstances of the tragedy are not yet clear. The 76-year-old vice president of Lukoil was being treated for his health problems in a Moscow hospital. There were speculations on the Internet that Maganov had committed suicide.

The Russian channel Mash, which operates on the Telegram network, also reported on the death of Maganov. He directly wrote: “Ravil Maganov jumped from the sixth floor of the Central Clinical Hospital on Marshal Timoshenko Street”. However, no one has yet confirmed this information.

Lukoil is the second largest oil producer in Russia after the state-owned company Rosneft. In the past, he operated a network of gas stations in the Czech Republic. However, in 2014, the Hungarian oil and gas group MOL took over these stations.

Lukoil management already called for an end to the war in Ukraine at the beginning of March. The company thus became the first large Russian enterprise to publicly reject the invasion.

Maganov was one of the longest-serving members of the management of the oil concern founded in November 1991. He had worked there since 1993. According to Lukoil, it was he who once came up with the proposal for the name of the company. He became chairman of the board of directors in 2020, after his predecessor in the position, Valerij Graifer, died, Interfax reports.

According to some sources, this is already the seventh suspicious death of a high-ranking Russian executive this year alone.

Sergej Protosen was found hanged in the Catalan coastal town of Lloret de Mar in April. According to the local police, the financial director of the oil company Tarkosaleněftěgaz apparently first killed his wife and daughter and then himself. Both women had stab wounds on their bodies.

However, both Protoseň’s former employer, the gas company Novatek, and his son do not agree with this version. He said that “dad sure didn’t kill mom or sister”.

Only a day earlier, a similar tragedy took place in the family of Russian oligarch Vladislav Avayev, who previously worked as a Kremlin official and associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and then vice president of Gazprombank. Also in Avajev’s case, not only he died, but also his wife and thirteen-year-old daughter. The bodies were found in their luxury apartment in Moscow.

In May, another former high-ranking Lukoil manager, Alexander Subbotin, died. According to media reports, he died of heart failure after visiting a shaman who was supposed to provide him with an alternative treatment.

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