Season 3 new episodes and cast

When will it air?

The first episode of the new third series will start on Czech Television on September 5 at 8:10 p.m. In total, the third series has 13 episodes and the television broadcasts them gradually every Monday. The end of the series will therefore be November 28, 2022.

Plisek left, what new characters await us?

Juraj Loj and Barbora Bočková will join the well-known line-up of investigators headed by Ondřej Vetchý. Nevertheless, there will also be personnel changes, as Miroslav Hanuš’s Korejs is at the police presidium and Bolek Polívka’s Plíšek is retired. The goal of the screenwriters was not to lose popular faces.

What cases will be investigated and how?

With the new era will also come new investigative procedures and new forms of crime brought about by technological development. However, the exact procedures will not be disclosed.

The cases that the investigators will deal with in the third series are new. They will not be repeated or similar to the previous ones. “I was involved in murders for twenty-seven years, and if you consider that an average of thirty cases happen in a year, it was not a problem to choose cases that would be interesting,” said Josef Mareš, the former (real) head of the Prague murder party.

Regarding the new cast of the serial killer party, he said that the 1st Ward has changed: “It’s been six years. Someone got old, someone new came. Crime is changing. But we stick to classic murders.”

Will there be a sequel?

Based on the script by Jan Malinda and Josef Mareš, the series was filmed by directors Peter Bebjak and Michal Blaško. So the same author team, which was also behind the previous series, came together.

The third series is said to be definitely the last. Even though she wasn’t originally planned either.

From the memories and narratives of cases investigated by Jan Štoček, a former operative from Prague’s first department, the Thieves of Life podcast. The first series, consisting of six parts, is published every Tuesday on the server and in podcast applications from September 6.

Captain Štoček from the first department returns to his cases. The new crime series Thieves of Life is starting


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