Summary 1.9. – the mood at the beginning of the new year is downbeat, stock markets under significant pressure, BCPP not excluded, euro again below parity with the dollar, crude oil weak, gold below USD 1700

The Prask Stock Exchange started the new year with a sharp, above-average liquidation with a strong decline, which was fully in line with the general negative stock development in the world.

European stock markets weakened sharply today. The main reason is the many comments about the need for further rate hikes in the US and the EU and the resulting growing concerns about overall economic development in the world’s major economies.

The head of the Fed, Mesterov Vera, stated that according to the demand, the dollar rate will increase towards above 4%, which is due to the weakening of the growth of the economy there. In the direction of the ECB, there were comments about the possible need to increase the originally planned rate growth rate.

The negative effect is the new macro approach and, therefore, the decline in the activity of the manufacturing sector of the eurozone according to the PMI index of purchasing managers. ervenc’s decline to 49.8 points was deepened to 49.6 points in August.

A “dark” outlook prevails for the British pound and the entire island economy. The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since Brexit and the market weakened further. Moreover, this could contribute to such high inflation.

US stock markets are joining the general stock correction. According to some comments, the development of the thorn to the extent of the days of the last few flattened bubbles, and the prospects for further development are so bleak and downright painful.


After an uncertain morning, the euro fell below parity with the dollar in the second half of the day. The economic outlook for Europe is somewhat darker, and the currency market reflects this.
The koruna is uncertain against the euro and the dollar is weakening sharply.

Online usd/euro exchange rate chart
Online chart of the exchange rate of the euro
Online usd exchange rate chart

Oil in the moderate version continued to weaken in general. According to analysts, until the end of the year, price stagnation of around USD 100 per barrel of Brent can be expected. There could be a slight decline in the fifth year. According to analysts, geopolitical factors and not a certain relationship between supply and demand will play a role in pricing. Analysts warn that the fall of any economic recession in the main economies of the world should not be reflected in market prices.
Gold went below USD 1,700 per troy ounce due to the strengthening dollar.


BCPP weakened like one mu in the final today. In the course of the morning there were signs of defiance at the KB event, but in the second half these clubs were further inflamed by the general mood. In contrast, the actions of Austrian banks, which corrected a substantial percentage of the interest rate from the first half of this week, did not work.
Silnji wrote off the strong dominant volume of the business, as well as EZ, where the shareholders in particular started with certain fears to find out, thanks to the EK in the fifth week.
The speech by ANO, who presented his vision of an energy crisis in the lower house, was so interesting. Babiv’s recipe was interesting mainly from the point of view of the EZ, because the chairman convinced me that the state should exercise its influence as a strong majority owner and, regardless of the minorities, should “stomp” in the EZ, convene the General Assembly, pay out an unusual dividend, withdraw the company from the stock exchange, ban the import of electronics and cap prices. The fourth pass about “standing from the stock exchange” is interesting. I’m not sure how Babi meant it, because it can be extracted from the energy exchange in Leipzig or from the stock exchange. Such a version would most likely have a significant thorn of consequence, and especially if it was not changed by the minority and not by the stock market as such.

px online index

Comments on the day in the markets and mainly at first:

12.h – Europe will see an increase in interest rates and an economic recession, BCPP will rise and fall, the euro-dollar is pushing above parity,

oil deepens the public strong decline, gold reaches the level of 1700 USD


Vladimr Urbnek

In the field” for more than 20 years. After several years of experience from trading with valuable peppers, Vladimr Urbnek for the past 15 years, he has been devoting himself to reporting from domestic and foreign capital markets.

He considers the age to be the result of experience and ability compared to the time before the last major crisis in 2008-9.

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