Curious accident – fet girls got into a fight while driving

Curious accident – fet girls got into a fight while driving
Curious accident – fet girls got into a fight while driving


After the car collided with the lamp, tests showed methamphetamine in both the driver and the passenger

The traffic accident, in which a Peugeot passenger car crashed into a public lighting lamp, occurred last night before ten o’clock in Sokolovská Street in Pilsen, Lochotín.
Fortunately, no one was injured in the traffic accident, but the police arrested two young women who were arguing very lively on the spot, and it turned out that they were the driver and passenger of the crashed car. There was supposed to be an argument between the women while driving, which was the cause of the accident.

“As part of a verbal dispute, the female passenger born in 1999 should have intervened in the driving of the female driver born in 2000, as a result of which the car went off the road and hit a street lamp,” described the press spokesperson of the police.
The police officers are continuing to investigate the case, dealing with intentional damage to the vehicle by the female passenger, as well as driving under the influence of intoxicating substances committed by the driver. According to the police press officer, the tests carried out on both women ruled out the consumption of alcohol, but they both tested positive for meth.
Both women were therefore secured and taken to a medical examination connected with the collection of biological material.


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