Part of the IAEA delegation left the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

Part of the IAEA delegation left the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant
Part of the IAEA delegation left the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

Kyiv/Moscow – Some members of the delegation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) left Ukraine’s Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, Reuters and TASS write. According to the Russian agency, the cars headed towards the adjacent town of Enerhodar and the head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, also left. At the same time, he said that his team conducted an initial assessment of the situation today and announced that IAEA representatives will remain at the power plant, writes TASS. According to the BBC, Grossi previously said the mission would be at the plant by September 3.

“The IAEA experts will remain at the Zaporizhia Power Plant. Today we looked at quite a lot, we started the first assessment, we will continue the analysis, but you should know that the IAEA experts remain at the power plant,” TASS quotes Grossi.

A little earlier, the BBC, citing the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, wrote that the expedition would stay at the nuclear power plant until Saturday and then, according to him, “work on the permanent presence of its observers in the plant area.”

In the meantime, Reuters, referring to its correspondent on the spot, wrote that four of the nine vehicles that the inspectors used to arrive at the facility left the premises of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. How many members of the expedition remained at the power plant is not yet entirely clear.

According to CNN, Grossi said his team managed to get “a lot” of information in a few hours. “I saw the key things I needed to see,” said the head of the IAEA.

The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which has been occupied by Russian invading troops since March, has been under fire in recent weeks. Ukraine and Russia blame each other for it. According to their boss, the goal of the expedition of international experts is to prevent a nuclear accident. According to earlier statements, the inspection was going to assess the physical damage to the power plant, the functionality of the safety systems and the working conditions of the employees and to take “urgent protective measures”.

A convoy of experts arrived at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, which is located near the front line, this morning. The start of the long-awaited inspection was delayed by several hours by the shelling, which Kyiv and Moscow blame each other for. Both sides are also guilty of provocations aimed at making the IAEA mission impossible.

Russia claims that Ukraine carried out the landing at Enerhodar

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian forces carried out an airdrop near the town of Enerhodar, near which the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is located, and were attacked by the Russian air force.

Information about the Ukrainian military presence on the occupied bank of the Dnieper could not be verified from independent sources, Kyiv has not yet commented on this claim. This morning, the Ukrainian side talked about the Russian “mortar shelling” of Enerhodar. The increased military activity in the area was also confirmed by IAEA chief Rafael Grossi before the departure of the team from Zaporizhia, according to him, the mission continues.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced in a statement that Ukrainian forces attempted to attack the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Up to 60 soldiers reportedly crossed the Dnieper River in boats this morning in what was supposed to be a “provocation” to disrupt an IAEA inspection mission, the ministry said.

The alleged Ukrainian attackers were stopped by members of the Russian National Guard guarding the power plant, the ministry said. “A sabotage group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is currently being liquidated with the help of helicopters of the Army Air Force,” the office reports.

According to him, the Ukrainian army also shelled the place near the village of Vasylivka, where the inspection mission was supposed to cross the front line. The power plant itself also became the target of Ukrainian shelling, when four artillery shells landed at a distance of 400 meters from one of the blocks, the ministry claims.

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