WOMAN-IN – Lucie (32): Two men proposed to me

Having two relationships at the same time almost never paid off for anyone, and Lucie paid for it many times over. It was going to be two weddings straight away because she gave the nod to both! How did she solve it?

Lucie lived in a happy long-term relationship, had good friends and was also satisfied with her work. But one day her house of cards collapsed and she was fired from work. Although she thought she would have trouble finding a new one, the opposite was true. But he came with a new job after a few months a new relationship. Lucie fell in love with a colleague from work. And because no one there knew that she was not alone, she unintentionally started a second relationship and maintained both of them. Throughout the year.

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“Somehow I managed to do both combine together and most of all it didn’t bother me much. My long-term partner often went on business trips, so I had space for my new relationship as well. I didn’t think much about the future and I took something from each relationship, it suited me quite well.”

Surely you are thinking that this is not a long-term sustainable situation, and it is not. Petr, Lucca’s long-term partner, her He proposed, which is probably to be expected. But a few weeks later, Roman, a work colleague, also asked her out.

“I don’t know what came into my mind, but I did to both of my partners she said yes. At that moment, I didn’t even realize what a mess it was and that I wouldn’t know how to get out of it. It worked for a while, but somehow I couldn’t choose between one of them. In short, I was sure that I loved both of them.”

“My closest friends knew how I was, so I discussed it with them. Most of them kind of condemned me for having two relationships, and of course they didn’t like the fact that I nodded to both marriage proposals. They advised me to choose one, ideally my first partner, Peter, with whom I have been with longer.”

The more Lucie thought about it, the more she was at a loss. But she made a radical decision, namely leave both partners and cancel both planned weddings.

“I realized what kind of person I am and that I hurt two people. It couldn’t go any further and although I didn’t want to do it, I broke up with them. Suddenly. I just invited them both to dinner and unpacked it there. They looked at me very surprised and before they could say any words, I left. I went to Peter’s to pack the most necessary things and went to my parents.”

Lucie didn’t want to explain anything to anyone, she didn’t want to be judged and she didn’t even want to say anything to her partners. She was ashamed of what she had done and decided to quit her job because she couldn’t look Roman in the eye. That morning she was jobless, partnerless and homeless. She moved in with her parents for a while and was determined that now she wanted to be alone and most of all to find herself and figure out what she wanted.

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