We will respond to the threat of Russian troops in Podnest, Lavrov warned

We will respond to the threat of Russian troops in Podnest, Lavrov warned
We will respond to the threat of Russian troops in Podnest, Lavrov warned

It should be clear to the world that any one that will pose a threat to our peace will be in accordance with the international first consideration for the flow on the Russian Federation, said Lavrov. Because of his age, the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian chargé d’affaires to give an explanation.

Russia maintains a corps of about 1,500 men in Podnest, which it calls a peace mission. It sent her there in 1992 after several wolves. You are a large military warehouse in this region.

The tension around Podnest rose in April of this year due to a series of explosions. At that time, fears grew in Moldova that the wolf of Ukraine, which Russia had unleashed a few weeks before, could come to its land. Kyiv was worried that the Russians were going to use the land of the unrecognized Podnyst for further flows to Ukraine.

Lavrov said on Wednesday that Moscow had done something to protect the Russian-speaking population of Moldova. We saw here. This song was the reference that Russia used to justify the invasion of Ukraine. We express our full support for the sovereignty of Moldova and its territorial integrity, Oleh Nykolenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote on Twitter today.

The spokesman of the Moldavian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Voda, responded today on his Twitter account, stating that the first names of all men, including those who speak Russian, are guaranteed in Moldova.

Kiinv is fully determined to follow the path of peaceful dialogue regarding the Uprising and call on Russia to withdraw all troops that are on our land illegally, Voda wrote.

Moldova is seeking to join the European Union, the twenty-seventh member of the European Union, and has granted candidate status to Ukraine. The country will have to undertake a wide-ranging reform of the fight against corruption and organized crime or the first hundred. Moldova does not want to join NATO, it is neutral.

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