The international Temporis Gala Awards can be influenced by the public –

After the forced “covid” break, the Temporis Gala Awards will return to the scene, but this time with an international dimension. In addition, the announcement will not take place in Bucharest, as in previous years, but will take place on October 13 in Zurich, Switzerland, in the pompous premises of the Petit Palais of Baur au Lac.

The ninth year in a row not only brings expansion, but also gives the audience the opportunity to vote.

On the home page of the platform, during this week, it was possible to vote for the best watches of the year, in a total of twelve categories. A total of 72 ticking specimens from less than fifty brands were entered, mainly from Switzerland, but also from Japan, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

The winner of the thirteenth category, The Jury Watch of the Year 2022, is announced by the jury separately. It consists of 22 members, and as in previous years, Top Class magazine (or its representative Jan Lidmaňský) is not missing, alongside stars such as Kari Voutilainen, Philippe Dufour and Romain Gauthier.

The ninth year of the international Temporis awards is further proof that Swiss watchmaking is a dominant force in the watchmaking industry. It is excellent that Swiss brands received nominations in all categories, which demonstrates the full coverage of all market segments. Germany and Japan are no surprise, but it is notable that we have nominations from Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands, ” describes the structure of the nominees, Dan Vardie, who founded the international Temporis Gala Awards.

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