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The opposition politician recommended Prime Minister Petar Fial and government officials to also go to the regions to debate with people, as she and former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš do. Then, it is said, the government representatives would find out what the people of the Czech Republic really think about the government’s “umbrella against expensiveness”. “Those people have a perfectly valid feeling that you’ve screwed them over. That you don’t solve their problems,” she reproached the government.

According to the former finance minister, Czech citizens often talk about the fact that the government does not solve their problems with energy prices or rising prices, but instead only solves “its own problems”. “The problems of your ministers,” she specified.

However, he does not throw all ministers in the same bag. She said she appreciated, for example, the performance of Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (ODS). “I thank him for that. I see that at least someone from the government gets it (seriousness of the situation, editor’s note) realizes,” she values ​​his words. However, he adds sadness that we do not hear such words from the Minister of Finance Stanjura, from the Minister of Industry and Trade Síkela or directly from the Prime Minister.

According to Schillerová, the government presents its steps to solve current problems very late and they are insufficient – with a “spray gun” the government is “putting out a big fire”.

“Companies are already collapsing because until now there has been zero help. Every day I receive an SMS from a company owner,” she criticized the fact that help for companies is only being addressed now. Seniors or single women also have problems with making a living.

According to her, there can be no question of “any communication between the government and the opposition”, while the previous government of ex-prime minister Andrej Babiš is said to have accommodated the proposals of the current coalition of five, and if it agreed with them, it approved them. “Perhaps during a pandemic. We often listened to the opposition. But I’m not saying we always did what they wanted. For example, the ideas of Mrs. Pekarová Adamová, to compensate one hundred percent…we would have a trillion deficit today,” said Schillerová.

According to her, the demand for the end of the head of STAN Víto Rakušan as Minister of the Interior is legitimate, as it is impossible for the head of the department under which the security forces fall to be the head of a movement whose “influential members and collaborators are connected to mafia structures and are being investigated by the police “.

Earlier words that the opposition was not going to vote on a vote of no confidence in the government during the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU, which were made a few months ago, were interpreted by government officials as a “blank check” according to the ex-minister, and instead of helping companies and people, only scandals such as the appointment of Mlejnek as head of the Civil Intelligence Service (ÚZSI).

According to her, calling a vote of no confidence in the government is not unnecessary and decided in advance. “We have a responsibility to our voters. We can estimate the result, we can all count to 108. But we have all certainly encountered in politics that some vote turned out differently than we expected. Each member of parliament has his own conscience and responsibility towards the people who voted for him in the elections,” she mentioned, emphasizing that each member of parliament will be able to say by name whether he trusts the government, which includes Vít Rakušan and his STAN movement, which “pursues scandal after scandal and which, with its bad decisions, threatens the security of the Czech Republic”.

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According to Schillerová, the answer of each MP will also reveal whether they have confidence in the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (for STAN), who “obviously does not know how to deal with the current situation”.

And most importantly – whether Prime Minister Petr Fiala has their trust, who “looks at all this with stoic calm”.

When she was on a visit to Opava, the hometown of Finance Minister Zbyňek Stanjura, she reportedly asked the locals if the head of the state treasury had already visited them and what their opinion was of him. “Don’t wish to hear what I heard. And also various stories when he was the mayor of the city of Opava,” the politician described what she heard in “Stanjur’s town”. According to her, the politician never visited the people even in his own city.

She added that a “quick and effective solution” to the current energy crisis at the national level does not prevent a European solution at all and, according to her, the opposition ANO is ready to cooperate in solving the situation.

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