The school sucks, some parents say. And they are right. Let’s talk about education with a teacher


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Description: Also to school? They will teach you to bark there!

Since time immemorial, some parents have told their children “that school sucks…”. In effect, they were telling them that the school provided little added value. And it’s not a coincidence. Parents evaluate education – and have always evaluated it – precisely from the point of view of what benefit a given form of education has for their children in terms of their ideas about the future security of their offspring. That’s natural. Even in nature, birds learn to fly, “fish” learn to swim and “mole” dig. Each one of them learns something different, but it’s always right! Exactly according to future needs. However, let us beware when some progressive starts teaching the bird to swim and the “fish” to fly.

Democratic “chatter” and communist “bullshit”

From the point of view of the development of society, it is true that a person does exactly what pays off – what works and what brings him some benefits. It doesn’t always have to be material benefit, but it usually is. Under the communists it was advantageous to be a communist. It was advantageous to be in the Communist Party, to parrot “Communist bullshit” and to be on guard against “bourgeois elements”. Today it is advantageous to be a democrat, to parrot “democratic gibberish”, to have a “dot” in your mobile phone and to be on the lookout for disinformation.

I suppose that the percentage of conscious democratic comrades today is about the same as it was under the previous regime of ordinary comrades – we had over a million of them! In short, it has always paid off to say the “right things”, do the “right things”, think the “right things” and have the “right attitude”. This was true for communists even today. And just like then, the scissors between the officially proclaimed “truth” and reality are beginning to open today.

I’ll make a “hundred” but I want a Mercedes

The problem is that people “want it easy (at work)” but don’t realize that working without effort results in a poor quality product. Under socialism, we were satisfied with the “soft approach” to work, the result of which was, for example, the Škoda 120. But we “drooled” over Mercedes. It didn’t occur to us that we can only have such a Mercedes as we make. If we made a Škoda but bought a Mercedes, no one would buy our Škoda, so we would be without a salary. The fact that the communists did not let Western products into our markets (or only limited them) was actually the protection of our labor market. The result was a low quality of work justified by the fact that this or that “doesn’t work”. We always somehow justify our reluctance to do something extra. A person simply does not work fully without a (economic) whip. But we were officially overshooting the plan and headed for bright tomorrows.

Education of Trabants in Bohemia

A similar situation exists in today’s “over-ideologicalized” education. We do “projects”, we don’t overload the students, we include everyone, we let non-profits into schools, we parrot the “right truths” with them, but we don’t really teach. As the government proclaims: “According to the cabinet, the emphasis should be on civic education, ethical education, financial and media literacy and critical thinking in the future.” At the same time, the volume of the curriculum should be halved! And I, like a stupid teacher, ask – will these students of ours make Trabants or Mercedes? I’m afraid that in time it won’t even be the Trabant. The movie “Absurdistan” brilliantly shows where such a development leads.

If you watched the demo, it was three minutes of your life well invested.

Who doesn’t need education?

If some parents do not attach general importance to education, they must have some rational reason for it. Previously, the lack of interest in education mainly concerned families who needed children to work in the fields. They behaved rationally – they needed labor.

Another large group are those who sit at home on social benefits. Why would they go to work when they can have enough income without getting up and going to work? This is also a rational solution.

But how do you convince a child from such a family that he should get up and go to school when he sees that his parents shout at night, sleep in the morning and have alcohol and cigarettes? The movie Roming portrays it beautifully: “He started doing all these horrible things. He started to work.”

Education is saturated with activists

Unfortunately – today education is starting to lose value even for the middle class. But for a completely different reason. Not because they don’t care about education, but on the contrary, because they care about quality education. But for today’s activists, the overgrown education system does not give it to them. It’s not just a matter of inclusion. It is also a question of educational programs, in which the scope of the curriculum is to be halved, and the ideologization of education. Even people belonging to the middle class already have a valid reason to tell their children that school is of no use to them. Unfortunately.

I really don’t send my children to school to have someone from a non-profit explain their brains to them and abuse them to beg for charity with a box for a good cause. I am sending them to a state organization. Not to an interest association. I don’t even want my child to be taught by a so-called “practice expert” – a person without a pedagogical education who could not make a living in his field. I want professionals for my children, for which I give the state a lot of money from my taxes.

Smart people are starting to avoid colleges

It’s not just about the “basics”. I know several gifted students who decided not to go to college after high school because it “didn’t have anything to give them” and instead did a certificate for graduation.

On the other hand, people who need to get confirmation that they are smart and at the same time get the employment opportunities that higher education offers them often go to universities. Who else needs confirmation that he’s smart than a dumbass? This mainly concerns the so-called “humanities”, where there is no danger of a bridge collapsing or a plane falling. This is also the reason for the unprecedented interest in those “soft fields”, based essentially on hard-to-proven “rumours”.

A modern exodus

Practically all parents who care about their children’s education try to transfer their children to multi-year gymnasiums. And they are willing to pay a lot of money for preparatory courses for entrance exams, ranging in the order of tens of thousands of crowns. Of course, only those who can afford it.

Other groups of parents set up private schools, or teach their children at home themselves. But is it the way? We – teachers, doctors and other people with university education (and connections between university students) have to either help each other or pay for those preparatory courses. But what about ordinary people who honestly work in factories, pay taxes, and who do not have enough income to pay for such courses? However, at the same time, they are also not “socks”, so they will not get anything from anyone. Isn’t it time to start teaching honestly and with quality again instead of brainwashing children with “civic education”?

Posted by: Stanislav Korityák

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