Dramatic assassination of a prominent Nazi figure: the baker’s assistant and cousin paid dearly for the murder of the accountant

According to his education, August Gölzer came from a religious family – after graduating from high school he spent two years at the theological Protestant University in Maulbronn, but eventually he became a bank clerk. He probably wanted more from life, which is why he enrolled at a business academy ten years later. By that time, he had already been a member of the NSDAP for several years and had recently also been a member of the SS.

Within the Waffen-SS he became an SS-Sturmmmann, which was a respectable feat considering the fact that he was an ordinary official. After the occupation, he served in Prague and was later promoted and moved to Brno. He worked here as an accountant for barely half a year before he came under the crosshairs of the Czechoslovak resistance.

On the evening of February 7, 1945, he and his wife were returning home to their apartment at Nerudová street 14. He did not know it, but he had two Předvoj resistance fighters on his back – 19-year-old baker’s assistant Alois Bauer and 25-year-old trade guide Vladimír Blažek, who had already been imprisoned in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The pair had one goal – to kill Gölzer.

They chased him in front of the door to the house, his wife had to alert him to their presence. Gölzer tried to pull out his own pistol, but Blažka was faster – he fired several shots at the Nazi, the last of which was fatal. The two youths then ran away. The wife dragged Gölzer to the apartment, where she called an ambulance. They waited for an incomprehensible two hours. Gölzer died shortly after the operation in the hospital.

The Nazis managed to capture two resistance fighters after almost two months. The end of the war was imminent and there was no time for a public execution. Both assassins were shot in Kounic’s dormitories on April 14, barely three weeks before the end of the war.

Dramatic assassination of a prominent Nazi figure: the baker's assistant and cousin paid dearly for the murder of the accountant

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