Ukrainians talk about a successful offensive. They eliminate ammunition depots, tanks and hundreds of enemies

The latest reports from the Kherson region speak of a significant advance by Ukrainian combat forces. According to the available information, which cannot be independently verified, they should have killed over two hundred Russian soldiers, disabled occupation army equipment and destroyed a pontoon bridge.

“The situation in our operational area remains difficult, but it is under the control of the defense forces,” Ukraine’s South Operational Command reported, according to Newsweek magazine. His report shows that since Monday, the armed forces have killed over 200 Russian soldiers, blown up six ammunition depots of the occupying forces, destroyed twelve T-72 tanks and a lot of Russian military equipment.

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Another success of the counter-offensive should be the destruction of the pontoon bridge in the occupied village of Darivka. The bridge was built by the Russians on July 27 to supply their troops. The Ukrainians destroyed the original bridge over the Inhulec river some time ago. “The interventions are effective, the damage is significant. The pontoon crossing set up by the occupiers in the Darivka area was destroyed,” Ukrainian forces confirmed. They are said to have managed to carry out over twenty raids on Russian posts, logistics centers and transport hubs.

The Kremlin does not comment on these statements. However, this is not an exception because, for example, the latest data on fallen Russian soldiers was published by the Ministry of Defense at the end of March. However, Putin’s soldiers themselves, affected by the Ukrainian offensive, inform about the current situation in the Kherson region.

As evidenced by the video that appeared on social networks, the Russian soldiers absolutely did not expect that the Ukrainian fighters could attack them. “109. the DLR regiment withdrew from its positions in the Kherson region, while the Russian paratroopers who supported them flew away from the battlefield,” informs the description of the clip, in which the Russian occupier zooms in on the dramatic situation.

“They shoot the hell out of everything. They broke through the first line of defense,” says the soldier. “Tanks, airplanes, cannons are pounding us, infantry are also attacking,” he added. Gunfire and explosions can be heard in the background.

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According to available information, some Russian soldiers are leaving their positions because they do not want to risk their lives in a possible clash with the Ukrainians. Weapons and ammunition remain in the buildings where the occupiers “stayed”.

In a video earlier this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told Russian soldiers defending Kherson to leave their positions if they want to live. “The occupiers should know that we will push them to the border, the line of which has not changed. If they want to survive, it’s time for them to escape. Go home,” Zelenskyy said.

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