LIBRA: Does the author’s life have to coincide with his work?

LIBRA: Does the author’s life have to coincide with his work?
LIBRA: Does the author’s life have to coincide with his work?

My wife was often upset when she read the biography of one of her favorite authors. You don’t have their biographies with the council. How is it that he behaves differently when he is such a beautiful woman? I think that the idea of ​​the author’s life with his wife is more appropriate for people. However, the author is only a hunter, and his nature and life are different. he often first compensates with his mind for what he did not quite succeed in life.

History offers many benefits. Mcha didn’t exactly behave towards St. Lori, Vrchlick respected the need to propose to the engraved Smile. Details of Boena Nmcov’s life are included in the above. Vclav Havel was not always a model of virtuous virtue. Only bad people do realistic things, according to the Icelandic writer Sigurjn Birgir Sigursson. Not long ago, a somewhat controversial biography of Milan Kundera by J. Novek was published. a lot of kids who painted beautiful pictures could be called drunkards and drunkards. So Jaroslav Haek could start first. They were already living life and their gun was the light at the end of the tunnel. Who was able to harmoniously combine work with family.

In order to make certain permits and promises, it is necessary to determine character traits. The supervisor in the prison must not be pushy and good manners usually have sociopathic features, the nurse must be empathetic. The author feels the need to share his thoughts with people. And that and is an extrovert or an introvert. Just as a comedian usually doesn’t crack a joke at home, so a writer of humorous novels can be pkn morous. It can even be a little bad for him, and that’s how it’s written in everything. Can I condemn the author if I hate his work just because he beat his wife? It may be a bit general, but the work and the life of the author are two different things. However, it may subconsciously create ideas about the author. And not everyone is like Antoine de Saint-Exupry when he wrote The Little Prince. In their opinion, the reality of a fat guy with greasy hair or skin does not fit the torn lyrics. often the author has a full other philosophical day, not you. Art is not about intellect, art is about emotions. In our sometimes dry lives, we both need encouragement and encouragement.

Do you think the author is for you? Somewhere, the author pe pedevm kvili sob. Then you sleep for pensions. Something drives him, something comes to mind and he has to get it out, i.e. on paper or on a hard drive. Get drunk and realize through thoughts that merge, flow together and create speed and weight. He explains it to me in writing, and it’s time for him. And if someone gave it to him and even got angry, only for a while.

Today, we are living in sleepy times, and this is reflected in written speeches. I don’t have enough patience for many hundreds of pages of novels, so it is necessary to shorten them. It’s not for nothing that Instagram is so popular. Abbreviations, however, cause misunderstanding when it is understood differently. That’s why people understand each other and are untouchable. I also know that if I fill out more than the second page, I risk not being accepted. We have the freedom to let everyone find their own way, despite the censorship pressure of the politically correct times. The Internet makes it possible.

And therefore think about what has been written, printed, painted and spoken, let it please you for a moment, put it into your imagination or the urge to be confused. But don’t ask who wrote it. So you’d better not worry about how to prepare fish salt in the oven. Save yourself from disillusionment.

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