Electric scooters are getting cheaper. Two KAABOs are now at the absolute lowest price

The summer is not over yet, and at least the summer is just ahead of us. We have a lot of warm days waiting for us, which will be ideal for trips. If you want to travel through the surrounding nature as comfortably as possible and at the same time you are looking for an economical means of transport for commuting to work or around town, it is ideal to go for an electric scooter. Those from the Kaabo brand have an above-standard range and quality suspension, and now you can buy two selected models at the absolute best price.

The Kaabo brand offers electric scooters of all categories. In the brand’s portfolio you will find urban models, universal pieces with an ideal price/performance ratio and ultra-powerful models that can handle the most demanding terrain. At the same time, they all have front and rear wheel suspension, a solid construction, a high-quality brake system and offer a decent range from 50 km to 180 km. On some routes, they can also be a great alternative to a car, because a full charge of their battery costs an average of ten crowns even at current energy prices.

Unpacked scooters at the lowest prices

You will find a total of eight models in the offer, but currently two of them are extremely affordable, as you can also buy them unpackaged. At the same time, these are fully functional, never used pieces with complete packaging, for which the box has only been opened, and which are even covered by a full premium warranty.

As unboxed, you can now temporarily purchase the cheapest Kaabo Skywalker 8H model, for only 14,990 CZK (normally CZK 18,990). It offers very decent parameters – 50 km range, 500W motor power – and is thus an ideal scooter for the city and for cycle paths.

The second unboxed model at a significantly lower price is the very popular Kaabo Mantis 10, which you for the price 24,990 CZK (normally CZK 29,990) will offer a range of up to 70 km, a maximum speed of 50 km/h (limiter to 25 km/h), high-quality disc brakes and front and rear spring suspension with a swing arm.

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