QUESTION: They made beer more expensive. Will the government fall?

QUESTION: They made beer more expensive. Will the government fall?
QUESTION: They made beer more expensive. Will the government fall?

Will the government fall? According to Švejk’s traditional statement, probably yes. Beer is significantly more expensive. And Švejk used to say that the government that increases the price of beer will fall. One might argue that the government does not set the price. But that would only be half the truth.

Yes, the price hikes were announced by the breweries. First, as usual, Prazdroj (which also includes the brands Gambrinus Velkopopovický Kozel and Radegast), which increases the price of a pint of beer by almost two crowns. However, Moravian breweries CZ Group (formerly PMS, i.e. Zubr, Litovel and Holba), state Budvar, LIF breweries (Svijany, Primátor, Rohozec), Staropramen (and therefore Ostravar) are also preparing to increase their prices, and undoubtedly everyone else will join as well.

In terms of performance-price ratio, i.e. a standard level of quality at a certain price, we are certainly still the country with the cheapest good beer in the world. But an uncle somewhere in a small town is not comparing the price of beer with foreign countries but with his wallet. And two crowns are already tangible for him. And in addition, it is certainly not the last increase in price in the coming months.

In addition to the news about the price increase of beer, we read in today’s newspaper (in some even on the same page) about the record price increase of so-called emission allowances. Through the magic of the unwanted, cause and effect were connected to us. Yes, the main reason for the increase in the price of (not only) beer is the rise in energy prices, which is mainly driven by the price of emission permits (at the beginning of last year, this mandatory “indulgence” cost thirty euros per ton of carbon dioxide, today we are at around ninety) and other frantic measures in as part of the fight against the climate, which together completely decimate the entire energy sector. And the government already has a hand in that.

Emission allowances – this is a purely administrative measure at the EU level, which our government has agreed to. Our Prime Minister has even stated that the Green Deal is a done deal that we will not do anything about and that it should be taken as a chance to modernize the country. Yes, we can see the modernization live. It is a cover name for expensiveness and poverty. The government also agreed to reduce the number of permits issued, causing their prices to skyrocket, just as the radical greens wanted. At the same time, it is enough to increase this volume to the level of 2020 in the same way as the volume of emission allowances was reduced, when they already claim that it is not so easy to completely cancel the allowances.

And by the way, do you also sometimes read about greedy energy companies, dying of rising prices? And how does the state think that it could tax them undeservedly increased profits? Then, of course, he should tax himself first, because as the owner of ČEZ and thus the recipient of half of the profits of the entire Czech energy industry in the form of dividends, and at the same time the recipient of 22 percent VAT, he has gained enormous billions extra from the increase in energy prices. If the government now promises some handouts to people who are being whipped by energy prices, it should say that it is money from the package that landed the government precisely from the poor energy consumers.

The government probably won’t fall because of two crowns for a pint, but everyone who has a lager after lunch or goes out for a few beers with friends in the evening should realize that they are sponsoring the Czech government. And we are not talking about consumption tax, which is not paid on wine, for example, but we are punishing the national drink with this chicanery tax.

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