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Not everyone needs a Black Box. But there are people who should definitely have it at home. Mr. David, for example, knows his stuff. After returning from a long weekend in Austria, where he and his wife and children were skiing, he found his nice house on the outskirts of Pardubice turned upside down. The robbers climbed over the fence, broke the kitchen window and started looting. Everything from the cupboards and drawers was lying trampled and damaged in the middle of the rooms. But the tip to rob the home of a successful owner of a small construction company did not work for the thieves. They did enough damage. But luckily they didn’t get to the most valuable one. They did discover the black steel box that Mr. David has installed in one part of the house, but it clearly resisted their brutal attack.

Salvaged valuables

According to the scratches left on the safe, the miscreants tried to pry open the door and break the lock, but failed,” says Mr. David happily. It is said that he bought the Black Box just a few months before the burglary on the advice of an acquaintance from the police. “I actually had quite a crush. Losing a week’s worth of sales, which I had deposited there just before leaving, and some company papers, I might have breathed through gritted teeth. But I bought the Black Box mainly for the safe storage of family documents and some historical and current valuables. We have a really deep emotional connection with some of them and losing them would really hurt my wife and me,” Mr. David nods his head.

Boxes with a stamp of quality

More and more people are buying security boxes from us precisely because of the reliable protection of things that are important to them. We often even hear from customers that they are an excellent alternative to the expensive rental of a bank safe,” says Adam Uhlíř, marketing director of the renowned Czech engineering company JaP-Jacina, which developed the Black Box and introduced it to the domestic market in a very funny way. This company has been a leader in the field of security fire and flood protection systems for many years. It has implemented dozens of its projects not only in the Czech Republic, but also around the world. Its flood protection systems protect, for example, the Paris metro, the building of our National Theatre, an incinerator in Denmark, the Porsche showroom in Dubai or even a hotel complex in the far Caribbean.

Extreme protection

Among experts in the field of safes and security cabinets, Black Box has already earned the nickname black fortress thanks to its high quality. Why? “Probably because our experienced technicians and designers managed to develop a product that reliably protects its contents not only from theft, but also from possible destruction by an unexpected natural disaster, such as a fire or flood. This is what makes our Black Box completely unique,” explains Adam Uhlíř. And it presents hard data.

Black Box received Z2, S1 and 15RU safety certificates from accredited offices according to Czech and European standards, which demonstrate its high resistance to forced opening and, for example, to the collapse of a building. But compared to its competition, it has moved even further. It can withstand a fire with temperatures as high as 1400°C (which is the melting point of steel, by the way) for 60 minutes without damage. And it is 100% waterproof. So, as proven by strict tests, it can be in water three meters deep for 5 long days, and not even a drop of the stored valuables will get through. You might think that these are extreme limits, but it is always better to expect worse scenarios.

All data under lock and key

JaP-Jacina offers two models of security boxes, Black Box 09 and Black Box 10, in two and four sizes, respectively. The largest has dimensions of 725x1160x620 mm. Both models are available in waterproof or waterproof and fireproof versions. However, the manufacturer also responds to the fact that many people are beginning to realize how important it is to protect not only valuable items, but also their electronic data. Therefore, for both models, the interested party can also choose additional equipment in the form of a data box for carriers and hard drives. But not only that.

In addition, the highest model BB 10 can be supplemented with a specially developed integrated Data Black Box storage, which will provide you with a safe shelter for all personal and company data. At the same time, it enables connection, synchronization and backup of data from a computer or mobile devices. At any time, from anywhere and from almost any device connected to the Internet, you will have everything at hand and you can work with your data. Even the data storage itself is fireproof and waterproof, so even in the event of a sudden disaster, your important data can survive critical moments completely intact.Adam Uhlíř from the JaP-Jacina company notes that everyone can choose the option that best suits their wishes and needs. And in conclusion, he adds that the unique and technically advanced Black Box reliably protects valuable contents from the elements and thieves not only at home, but also in offices.

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