Heat removal every month? The Germans sent a letter to the MPs about the amendment to the law

Heat removal every month? The Germans sent a letter to the MPs about the amendment to the law
Heat removal every month? The Germans sent a letter to the MPs about the amendment to the law

The draft law, according to which people should receive information on consumption at least once a month, passed the first reading in the House of Representatives. The law is currently in effect from January 1, 2023.

In the age of health care, this law is especially important for our citizens. Those who receive centrally prepared heat and hot water will from the law be informed accurately, reliably and clearly about current consumption, if they have a long-term removable soap or a device for dividing heating costs, according to Minister for Local Development Ivan Barto. Regular information about consumption should be added to your disputes of individual households.

Attention to details

The representatives of the real estate owner and the Germans sent a letter to the deputies before the committee, in which they draw attention to the details that arise from the law and appeal for a change. We do not reject the draft law as such, we support it with regard to the achievement of energy and climate targets. Basically, we are talking about two identical points, said the Association of German Housing.

In a letter to the deputies, I appeal for the postponement of the activity of the law and thus for a specific concept with a long term. The definition of long clothing was not precisely given anywhere, points out Karina Valiov from the Heimstaden company, which is the largest private provider of housing in the Czech Republic.

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As I mentioned, the current definition of long clothing today also includes soaps, which can be removed without the need to enter the apartment, but they get old, which means walking around the house and when a car passes by the house.

In other words, in the current form of the law, an authorized person would have to go through the entire house with a tablet every month, stand in front of the house and collect data from individual apartments, which would be associated with considerable additional costs.

Today I run once a year. In the Czech Republic, each house can have an average of 3.5 radiators and roughly 1.5 water meters, so a total of five units. And the cost of clothing and subsequent production is about 50 crowns per soap, so in total it is about 250 crowns per year, explains Valiov. At the same time, she points out that because of the withdrawal of consumption from individual apartments, it would be necessary to free up more people for each errand.

Suspended from activity for one year

Owners and Germans recommend to MPs to approve the proposal of MP Jiho Havrnek (ODS), which was created in cooperation with the Ministry for Local Development. The proposal changes the definition of the lengths of deductible soap. It should be a modern design for the actual length of clothing, when you would not be surrounded by individual houses.

The housing association is therefore requesting the postponement of the obligation to inform the public about consumption by one year, i.e. from January 1, 2024. Postponing it by one year will give us space for the day-to-day implementation of what the amendment called for, which we all support, but it would not be to the detriment of the people , said Valiov

The Ministry for Local Development notes the descent of the German and the owner of vm. The MMR definitely takes into account these comments, or the financial impact on citizens associated with less information on consumption, said Veronika Hekov, spokesperson of the Ministry for Local Development.

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However, the department does not consider the shift of the law to be necessary. The transposed directive was adopted in December 2018, the first draft of the transposition of the amendment to the law was submitted to the interdepartmental memorandum in December 2020, in June 2021 the draft was submitted to the government. the right definition of the length of the deductible soap is also a circle of subjects, they will be given the obligation to inform about consumption, of those for whom this obligation would represent the highest costs, said Hekov.

In addition, according to the transposed directive, information on consumption in houses with installed long-term removable heaters or devices for dividing heating costs must be provided from January 1, 2022, Hekov points out. As I said, the final decision rests with the Chamber of Deputies.

Obligation to wear long clothes

From January 1, 2022, it is not possible to install devices in apartment buildings that allow only visual removal. This is how the indicator heats up, and the water meter for hot water. The existing equipment must be replaced by the beginning of 2027. The soap must be set to the length of the vehicle at least in a monthly interval.

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