The construction of the lion dog Chebsk Ndra is getting complicated, the company is insolvent

The construction of the lion dog Chebsk Ndra is getting complicated, the company is insolvent
The construction of the lion dog Chebsk Ndra is getting complicated, the company is insolvent

An insolvent woman would not have to defend the building by herself. No contractor has stopped work. At an extraordinary general meeting on August 15, we therefore agreed to withdraw from the contract. We sent our opinion to the contractor, the insolvency administrator, who coincidentally was named the Regional Court in st nad Labem on that day, and at the same time we also informed the State Transport Infrastructure Fund. First of all, we have a written subsidy from this fund, described the situation of Cheb mayor Ladislav Hrub.

Every penny is worth the pension. According to Hrubho, it will cost a million crowns just to build the police and security guards in the city. The city must now find out the total balance of the construction.

But in my opinion, Dleitj will decide how to choose a new contractor. The most likely phenomenon is a non-public negotiation, which allows in urgent cases to contact the contractor’s office and agree with them on the completion of the construction. but let’s start with the investor’s technical supervision, so that we can be sure that the conditions for this form of collection are met. Assuming that at first he confirms to us that, however difficult the work on the lion is, it is problematic from the point of view of construction and is also uneconomical, Hrub indicated.

At first she should drink in the next few days. The next step will be decided by the council of the 8th z.

The lioness is half way there

About 58 percent of the cost was invested in the building, which was supposed to be completed according to the original contract. This means that you have to pay about 70 million crowns. However, according to the city management, it is clear that the rest of the construction cannot be secured for the same salary as in the case of the original contract, which was created in the era before the rapid health of building materials, and later also of fuel and energy.

This situation is quite uncomfortable, so we will especially try to speed up the selection of the contractor as much as possible. As for the subsidy, it was supposed to be paid out this year, but now it is clear that we cannot meet the conditions. We will have the fund reimburse us for the subsidy in the following year, added Hrub.

The construction of the lioness is full of problems from the very beginning. After it became clear that the original bridge, which had been built here for dozens of years, could not be repaired, the town hall let it fall and started looking for a replacement.

The original project had to be reworked several times due to changes in railway safety regulations. The problem was the load-bearing columns, their footings were close to the track. In the end, under the hands of the designer, a design for an elegant thick foot bridge, suspended on ropes, was created. With enough help with financing, Chebt turned to fortune and succeeded. They won a subsidy of 82 million crowns for the construction. No one rushed inside the building.

The city was looking for a construction contractor, which is among the most expensive in recent years, a total of 40. He was particularly pressured by the deadlines that had to be met in order to receive subsidies from the National Transport Infrastructure Fund. In this tender, the city chose the hunting company Raeder & Falge, which undertook to build the lion for 98 million without VAT.

The price of the bags increased by tens of millions during construction. Unequal investment and pyrotechnic research turned her on. The area of ​​Chebskho ndra toti, as a kind of wolf world, belonged to the localities that allied troops fell in love with during the bombardment.

According to TK, 85 companies have gone to court, and the debts amount to many million crowns. The court placed the company under preliminary insolvency proceedings due to concerns. One of the big players, esk spoitelna, suggested to the court that the company should be declared bankrupt and it should be liquidated. The company has repeatedly claimed that it is able to continue in business, but in addition to being insolvent, it also has problems with ethnicity. As the company that manages ethnicity for Raeder & Falge wrote in its published lawsuit, it shuts them down and does not communicate with the construction company. That way, we can’t even submit data from the company’s finances to the court.

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