Ukrainian soldiers from the front promote the upcoming game about Sherlock Holmes

Ukrainian soldiers from the front promote the upcoming game about Sherlock Holmes
Ukrainian soldiers from the front promote the upcoming game about Sherlock Holmes

We’ve seen a lot of novel marketing tricks in the past when promoting computer games. For example, Acclaim once offered to pay for the funeral of the deceased who had the Shadowman game logo immortalized on their headstone, and at another time they wanted to pay speeding fines for people who bought their racing game.

Frogwares of Ukraine specializes in games about Sherlock Holmes, the last part was excellent.

But that was still the wild nineties, nowadays advertising departments are much tamer. We are now even more interested in the Ukrainian studio Frogwares, which is currently raising money on Kickstarter for its next game about Sherlock Holmes (see our article).

The originally requested sum of 70,000 dollars (roughly 1.7 million crowns) has already been exceeded more than three times, yet its authors would like to collect something extra in the final hours. Therefore, they added a new form of reward for supporters – they offer the possibility to leave a message on an artillery projectile, which will then be fired in battles with the Russian army.

“Please understand that we are literally in the middle of this war. Our team includes people whose homes have been bombed to rubble. Some of us have lost relatives. Some of us are in the occupied areas, for example in Kherson, We have team members who lived near Bucha. We have team members who fled their homes in Donbas in 2014 and then had to flee again in 2022. Others are actively fighting. Others were forced to flee to EU countries, leaving behind their families who could not go with them. We are angry. We are injured. Our whole life has been thrown into hell because of Putin,” the developers reject criticism that they support the killing of people.

The projectile will be fired by the 24th independent assault battalion of the Ukrainian army, which was created from the infamous Aidar unit, which was accused of committing war crimes in 2014. However, Frogwares consistently denies these accusations. “The soldiers who offered us this opportunity are our friends. Six months ago, they were ordinary people living in Kyiv, who had a normal job, home and family. After February 24th, they decided they had to leave it all behind and signed up to defend their homes and families,” the developers explained to PC Gamer magazine.

Whatever you think of this ad campaign, it’s certain that there will be a Sherlock Holmes remake, because despite the ongoing war, its development is secured. We can only hope that by the time of its release (probably at the end of next year), the situation in Ukraine will be much calmer.

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