Even a small nuclear wolf would have far-reaching consequences for humanity

The explosions of atomic bombs would create a veil of dust and soot in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which would prevent the penetration of solar radiation to the surface of the planets.
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another nuclear arsenal on the sea. Scientists also warn against a small, localized nuclear conflict. The greatest loss of life would not be bomb explosions and radiation penetration, but years of famine.

“With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world entered one of the most risky periods in terms of nuclear weapons. It was only during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and in 1983 that the Soviet Union launched NATO’s Able Archer exercise as a real flow,” says Seth Baum, an American expert on global risks, who works at New York’s Columbia University.

According to an international team led by Lili Xiao from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, America, the atomic wolf of the masses would have killed a few years after the last nuclear explosion. In a study published by the scientific journal Nature Food, a team of American climatologists models the consequences of an explosion, after which a layer of dust and soot would form in the upper layers of the atmosphere and would block the penetration of solar radiation onto the surface of the planets. There would be a sharp cooling, the so-called nuclear winter, and as a result the harvest of agricultural crops, the production of the breeding of economic animals and the hunting of male fish would decrease drastically. Famines would not kill billions of people.

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