Allergy to insect stings: An expert told what it looks like and how to protect yourself

“The allergy sufferer must first of all know which insect he is allergic to and what it looks like. Many people, for example, confuse wasps with pansies, nicknamed »wasps«. They are harmless and you can tell by the fact that they can stand in the air like a helicopter,” explains Michal Závacky, a specialist from the portal.

Insects from the Hymenoptera genus that sting and inject poison are a threat to allergy sufferers, i.e. bees, bumblebees, wasps and hornets. “A person allergic to a bee can overreact to a bumblebee sting due to the similar composition of the venom. The mutual similarity of poison is also between a wasp and a hornet.” adds Závacky.

Local reaction vs anaphylactic shock

A local reaction occurs in and around the injection site. There is redness, swelling, itching and heat may be added. This can take several days, and sometimes a temperature is added.

Anaphylactic shock affects the entire organism. Itching and hives spread all over the body, swelling under the skin and in the throat are added, hoarseness, wheezing and difficulty breathing, hot flushes, rapid heart rate and palpitations, nausea, vomiting, drop in blood pressure, fainting, loss of consciousness or respiratory arrest. Such a severe reaction occurs within a few tens of minutes and it is necessary to call an ambulance.

First aid kit

A person with a confirmed allergy to insect stings should carry a first aid kit. It is prescribed by a doctor and contains an injection pen with adrenaline, antihistamines and other medicines. In the event of a general shock reaction, it is always necessary to seek a doctor and, in the event that the allergic person does not have the package with him, call the emergency services immediately.

7 tips on how to avoid getting punctured

* Always wear shoes when walking on the grass.

* Be more careful if you are wet, perfumed or painted. Such a body surface attracts insects.

* You will be more attractive to insects in a flowery dress.

* Be careful with trash cans and dustbins.

* If an insect threatens you, do not wave your hands or jerk away – this will provoke the insect to sting.

* Before driving the car, check the interior well.

After returning from vacation, take your pets to the vet (illustrative photo).

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