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In recent years, the trend of online grocery shopping on the Internet has grown. Online supermarkets have sprung up, and classic stores have also adapted to the trend by setting up e-shops, so you can choose whether to have your shopping delivered or come to shop, as you were used to.

Online grocery shopping has become very popular, but there are people who do not allow classic offline shopping because they see more and more advantages. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both options and choose the one that suits you best.

Shopping offline
We have been used to this option all our lives, and it brings a number of advantages, but also disadvantages, because of which you may be considering or have already switched to online shopping.

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  • You can personally choose the foods you want, for example, for vegetables, fruit or baked goods, this is very important for some shoppers.
  • If you carry your shopping home on foot, you probably won’t be buying unnecessary things that will make your shopping that much more difficult.
  • In supermarkets, there are employees who you can turn to and who can help you with your selection.
  • Goods can be returned or exchanged within a few minutes.


  • If you go shopping hungry, you will usually buy more than you want.
  • Heavy purchases will be made.
  • Sensory marketing works, which is why the supermarket will make you buy more goods thanks to the chosen music, colors, advertisements, labels and scents.
  • If you don’t like crowds, you may find visiting the supermarket uncomfortable.
  • Recently, protection against possible diseases has been addressed (you can easily catch something in the supermarket).
  • According to research center at the University of Applied Sciences, a huge amount of plastic is used in offline shopping, which has a negative impact on the environment

Shopping online
This style of shopping is becoming more and more widespread and popular. See why you should choose it or give it up.


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  • You will probably buy only what you really need and order from the comfort of your home.
  • You will save the time you would spend traveling and walking between the shelves.
  • You can get your purchase right to your door (the elderly, parents with children, the disabled and those who are just dying will appreciate it).
  • According to studies the carbon footprint is smaller than that of traditional shopping (if your store is far away).
  • You can shop online at any hour and you can plan your purchase up to three days in advance.


  • You cannot choose the exact foods you would like.
  • You are not responsible for your purchase, so it may happen that something is missing, left over or the quality is not what you would like.
  • You have to pay for shipping, but it’s often free if you spend a certain amount
  • You can be tricked into buying more goods, for example by a warning that there are only two items left in stock or by an artificially created discount.
  • It is not very ecological because a lot of packaging material is used, although there is an effort to use recyclable materials.

It’s great that we have so many options these days and everyone can choose what suits them best. As you can see, there are pros and cons to both ways of shopping, so it’s up to you to decide which one is closer to you.

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