He was arrested by the police at the age of 13. Then he won 5 MMA titles, now he has Kincla in his sights

He was arrested by the police at the age of 13. Then he won 5 MMA titles, now he has Kincla in his sights
He was arrested by the police at the age of 13. Then he won 5 MMA titles, now he has Kincla in his sights


September is here, so the Brno tournament of the OKTAGON MMA organization is approaching again. On the seventeenth day of the ninth month, Oktagon 35 is on the agenda, the main fight will be a duel for the middleweight title. Champion Patrik Kincl vs. challenger Alex Lohoré. Who wins? “The 100% favorite is Patrik Kincl. His strong point is the ground, where I think he will end Lohoré,” Attila Végh added to his prediction for Oktagon.

Both fighters believe in each other, both have only two weeks of training ahead of them. The last hard sparring sessions and gradual adjustment of the weight, which are usually not among the most popular parts of the preparation. Hunger, little energy and a body tired from hard and long galleys. Everything will change after the weigh-in, but all the wrestlers of the tournament still have time for this.

“I’m a real fighter,” he said after the mock Lohoré weigh-in. This sentence came when he was fighting for the title with Karlos Vémola. The Frenchman lost on points after five rounds on December 30.

In two weeks he will get another chance, this time standing on the other side of Kincl. “I’ve already heard that he wants to finish me in the first round, and that in some really brutal way. But I probably don’t say anything about it. He himself knows that he’s not the type of wrestler who rushes headlong for the finish. Sure, he can surprise with something, but in general you can’t expect too much that he will jump into it. He is rather very tactical, he waits for what the opponent will do and then sends quick counterattacks. I will be ready for that,” the Czech champion told kaocko.cz.

Both have a plan, both are trying to get a psychological advantage and the support of the fans. You can see who shouts a lot. “I heard you’re going to finish me in the second round. What a joke, you must be hallucinating. I wanted to put on a show for the fans, but there won’t be one. I’m going to finish you in the first round. Nice and real quick. And in the most brutal way. This is you he hasn’t seen in the cage yet. So be ready, because I will be,” fired Lohoré again for Oktagon.

Kincl is the favorite, now there is only “a little bit” left. So to confirm the act numbers in the cage. “I have nothing against him. Not even against the fact that he wants to finish me already in the first round. I, in turn, said that I want to make it two. We both go into the match with the clear goal of winning, and each of us would be happy if that happened as soon as possible. But I think Lohoré will be very sad about how our match will develop,” Kincl believes.

How do you see it?

Going up against Kincl is a wrestler who has experienced both good and bad in his life. As published by OKTAGON MMA. Lohoré was already arrested by the police at the age of thirteen. He was born in Paris, both parents are from the Ivory Coast. He scored his first amateur match in 2013, the following year he already had a professional duel. He won a total of five championship belts. He has never been finished on a submission. How will his statistics change in Brno?

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