11 lives were lost in holiday accidents in western Bohemia

11 lives were lost in holiday accidents in western Bohemia
11 lives were lost in holiday accidents in western Bohemia

Eleven human lives were claimed by traffic accidents that happened during the summer holidays in the Pilsen region. This follows from preliminary police statistics. It is the most tragic holiday balance in the last five years.

In the three previous years, according to the same source, eight people died in accidents in July and August each time. This year, police officers in the region recorded 699 accidents in these two months, 19 fewer than in the same period last year. The most tragic accident not only of the holidays, but of the entire year, was the collision between a car and a truck on the D5 highway in Tachovsk on August 3, in which three people died.

During the two holiday months, 22 people suffered serious injuries in accidents in the Pilsen region, 359 people were slightly injured. According to this year’s preliminary data, damages caused by accidents reached 61.47 million crowns.

Five people died in July accidents in the region, six people died on the roads in August. More human lives were claimed by a single holiday accident, on August 3 on the D5 highway near Benešovice in the Tachovsk region, three people died and two others were injured. There, the truck broke through the center barriers and drove into the opposite direction, where it collided with a passenger car. One adult and two children died on the spot in the car.

The county’s first holiday fatality occurred on July 4. A passenger train collided with a tractor at a railroad crossing near Bezděkovo in Klatovsk. The 54-year-old tractor driver died on the spot. Two days later, a 38-year-old motorcyclist died in Sušice in Klatovsk after a collision with a car whose driver apparently did not give him the right of way. Three days later, a forty-three-year-old driver of a car died when he crashed into a tree near Trnová in the Pilsen region. Another human life was claimed on July 24 by a collision between a passenger car and a train at the crossing in Bor near Tachova. A thirty-seven-year-old female passenger from the vehicle died on the spot. Three days later, a 58-year-old cyclist who was hit by a truck at an intersection died in the Doubravka district of Pilsen.

In August, in addition to the tragic accident from the D5 highway, there was a fatal accident near the Nová Hospoda near Bor in the Tachovsk Region, where a young motorcyclist died after a collision with a car on August 4. On August 16, a truck collided head-on with a passenger car outside the village of Tymákov in the Pilsen region. The 65-year-old driver of the passenger vehicle died on the spot. The last holiday fatal accident happened on August 27 near the highway tunnel Valík behind Pilsen in the direction from Rozvadov to Prague. A foreigner born in 1958 crashed his car into the concrete barriers at the beginning of the tunnel. He died on the spot.

Source: ČTK

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