Telegram from Pope Kirchner: Let democracy win

Telegram from Pope Kirchner: Let democracy win
Telegram from Pope Kirchner: Let democracy win

In a telegram, František expresses his solidarity with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who escaped an assassination attempt yesterday. He hopes that social peace and respect for democracy will prevail over violence in this Latin American country.

Vatican News

Pope Francis sent a telegram to Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner following the attack that took place in Buenos Aires as she was returning home. “After receiving the disturbing news of the attack yesterday afternoon,” the message reads, “I would like to express my solidarity and closeness to you at this sensitive time.”

Francis also addressed the whole country and wrote: “I pray that in dear Argentina, social harmony and respect for democratic values ​​will prevail over all kinds of violence and aggression.”

Arrest of a male suspect

A 35-year-old Brazilian named Fernando Andre’s Sabag Montiel is the man who was immediately arrested for trying to shoot Kirchner yesterday, a few minutes after midnight local time. Local newspapers bring details. The man has lived in Argentina since 1993 and lives in the Buenosairean neighborhood of La Paternal. In March 2021, he was accused of carrying an unconventional weapon, a large knife, which he said he held in self-defense.

Solidarity of the Argentine President

Argentine President Alberto Fernández condemned the attempted attack, calling it the “most serious” event since the return of democracy. In an atmosphere of great emotion, the head of state declared today a national holiday on television “so that people can express themselves in peace and harmony in defense of life and democracy and in solidarity with our vice president”. An urgent meeting of ministers was also called.

Local bishops

The Argentine bishops’ conference, in turn, announced that it “communicated with the relatives of the vice president and expressed solidarity with yesterday’s events on behalf of the church.” She also assured her of fervent prayer for the maintenance of peace and harmony in Argentina.

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