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REVIEW: If you like fantasy, or JR Tolkien, don’t let the ratings on film databases be influenced by hate mongers and watch the start of the new series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. It has nothing to do with Peter Jackson’s films, but it has a similar poetic atmosphere. For me, the first episodes so far seem like a hint of the best serial event of the series in recent years.

$750 million is everywhere

So what a series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power? After watching the first two episodes, I cautiously state that it looks absolutely great. The masses will absolutely love it and won’t change a thing about it unbelievably low ratings on movie databases, focused on by those who haven’t seen anything yet, but still trash the Rings. I elaborate on the reasons in the infobox called A wave of hate.

Amazon managed a hussar piece: spent less than three quarters of a billion dollars for the rights to the first season, which is the most in history; but that alone does not make for a good series. Nevertheless, the company was not afraid to take risks when it boldly entrusted the project to completely inexperienced and unknown creators. They showed the greatest enthusiasm for Tolkien’s world during the auditions. And I think they made it very clear that they love the original material and that it was a hit.

A wave of hate

Who cares about the creation of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was interested, he knows very well what kind of sticks he got under his feet long before his launch on the company’s Prime Video streaming platform Amazon. The biggest wave of hatred started after they appeared in the character list black elf and dwarf.

Perhaps never before has social media witnessed such concentrated hate, but the question is how much of the hateful critics were those who cared about the purity of the transfer of Tolkien’s work to the TV screen, and how much caught on real racists who are just looking for any excuse to humiliate and criticize black people.

Race problem?

For some, it may be because of the logic of the world of Middle Earth insurmountable for black people to play characters that Tolkien described as white. But we know when the work was created and that today film and serial production by far it does not prepare purely for the so-called white race. We are not alone in the world and blacks and others (Asians, Hispanics…) want to identify with actors and actresses similar to them.

But I also know a few die-hard Tolkien nerds who got over the cast and are now just as excited about the story from their favorite world.

A number of those who support the fact that blacks in the series have no business in the places of elves or dwarves seem to forget the huge criticism of director Peter Jackson after the release of his three Lord of the Rings films. He was also far from sticking to the books, he also changed characters, left out large parts of the story. And it was totally fine. But now the movie trilogy is cited by some as an example of sticking to Tolkien’s literalism, although this is not true at all.

Haters launched a kind of frontal attack on the ratings of the series. The server Rotten Tomatoes shows that while Rings of Power is liked by 83% of critics, only 38% of the public. Such a disparity is completely unusual.

More about the topic

Middle Earth from the series you feel, the locations, again from New Zealand, are beautiful, even the computer-generated environments look magically beautiful. Visually, it’s an incredible show, you’ve never seen anything prettier in TV series and the modern conveniences of video playback, 4K and Dolby Vision, only enhance it on more expensive quality televisions.

However, my friend and I agreed that the image is perhaps too sharp and that it would be appropriate to slightly remove the colors and add film grain.

There are countless computer effects. Exceptionally, even in such an expensive series, there were a few less nice shots, but I stopped at most two or three times. Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised.

Narrative dream series

Otherwise, money can be seen everywhere. On clothes, masks (for example, excellent goblins), sets, all props in general, on the entire set of the series. But I still value it the most series dictionary. You perceive from him the magnificence, the speech full of pathos and poetics that you expect from Lord of the Rings. Especially from such elves.

Some foreign critics were somewhat displeased with the slower pace at the start – after all, they have to show up and introduce many different environments and characters, but I didn’t notice that for myself.

I also like the fact that the creators don’t bet on famous names of actors at all, they don’t protect themselves with them, they let unremarkable faces stand out. And in my opinion, it’s mostly a hit: how against younger movies Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), so Elrond (Robert Aramayo) as friends are my big favorites so far. AND I was pleasantly surprised by the black dwarf, Princess Disa (Sophia Nomvete) plus her husband, Prince Durin IV. (Owain Arthur).

I have left out some other characters on purpose. Surely they will break out in the next sequels. And most of all, it will certainly come to Sauron, the creators promise to surprise us, what form he will have here.

The plot of Rings of Power

As for the plot, first of all there is a great prologue showing Galadriel’s youth and the reason why she is bitter and why she searches with unceasing stubbornness and combativeness to Sauron. The elves around her think that Morgoth’s apprentice has been out of danger for centuries, but she is certain that he is hiding somewhere and preparing to return.

We also get to know a tribe of hairy-legged predecessors of the hobbits, a human healer (in love with a black elf) and her son, who come across a hint of returning evil. A fireball also flies into the area and a mysterious man is found at the point of impact. And Galadriel, in turn, learns from the castaway where to search for her enemy.


Two weeks ago, HBO Max began streaming (and the HBO movie channel aired) a Game of Thrones prequel titled Dragonborn. The series has been getting a lot of buzz and based on the first two episodes, it looks like it’s going to hold up. But personally, I was much more interested in the Rings of Power. While I’m definitely not saying Dragonborn is bad, the Rings are at least two levels higher for me.

Excited about the story

The plot is played out interestingly, we have different lines, but so far they do not fall behind one another. I have to admit that the story intrigued me, even absorbed me (that happens with very few series), and I’m really looking forward to whether the quality of the series will be confirmed in the sequels, or if there will be disappointment or even mediocrity. We’ll see how the authors deal with the series in the next installments, but for now with the visor open I give it 8/10.

And if the whole thing doesn’t go wrong, it can happen that just like that Game of Thrones and Gingerbread Daddy have ruled the series for the past decade, this one could well be the act. And even if in the end the season falls into the gray average, the first two episodes will still remain for me at least in the top twenty best series episodes I’ve ever seen.


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is an eight-episode series on Amazon that streams on its service Prime Video. She has a one-week trial period in the Czech Republic, after which she 79 crowns per month.

The series has Czech dubbing and subtitles. Episode 3 will arrive on Friday, September 9th at six in the morningthe remaining five parts always once a week on the same day and at the same time.

A second series is already planned, this time it will be created in Great Britain. Filming will begin in the fall. If the series is successful, there will be a total of five series about what happened before the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

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