IVK’s Friday gloss: There are a lot of urgent topics, so the Chamber has been debating for 22 hours

IVK’s Friday gloss: There are a lot of urgent topics, so the Chamber has been debating for 22 hours
IVK’s Friday gloss: There are a lot of urgent topics, so the Chamber has been debating for 22 hours

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IVK comments2/9/2022

More and more I find that people don’t know when I’m serious and when I’m not. I mean the title of my gloss today. The House has been in session since yesterday evening and now, as I write this gloss on Friday morning. Only the word “acts” is an exaggeration. The House does not solve any substantive problem, although we have an infinite number of them, and some unsolvable ones. The House is arguing about a vote of no confidence in Fialo’s government, although it is clear that the vote of no confidence will not happen. The quintet has a sufficient majority.

Prime Minister Fiala said that “the main reason for this meeting is that we have an election ahead of us”. I think that this is an unacceptable trivialization of the problem to which the Czech public is exposed. The voices of the opposition are spoken by those who are not the government and who are not even in parliament. They are not listened to. Last night, someone told me that he hates Babiš, but that what he says there is absolutely true, and that he speaks for him as well. The writer of one email disagreed with my question marks about the planned Saturday demonstration in Prague on Wenceslas Square and wrote to me: “if we don’t go out into the streets, nobody knows anything about the real opposition”. In other words, even I respect the apparently absurd debate in the parliament as a desperate attempt to wake up the ruling coalition. (I don’t know if this is possible. Minister Langšádlová’s late-night speech about science shows that such people cannot be woken up.)

Dnešní Právo has the title of the opening article “Stanjur’s deficit of 270 billion disappointed the budget council”. This is a draft budget for 2023, not an estimate of this year’s budget deficit. It is a desperate number, it disappoints not only our National Budget Council, but also every thinking economist. For four consecutive years, the budget deficit will be around 300 billion crowns. And even in a situation where the state’s budget revenues are growing very quickly thanks to inflation and when the state has not even begun to solve the tragic situation caused by energy prices. The rise in energy prices increases the state’s income by tens of billions, yet the state cannot find which useless items to cut from the budget.

The upcoming amendment to the Labor Code from the workshop of Minister Jurečka, which is intended to impose on employers the obligation to pay employees working at home office “increased costs for energy, heat or water” will certainly not help this. My secretary made a great comment: “you wouldn’t think that”.

From 2019, life expectancy is decreasing in the US (by three years in three years). I was interested in the fact that the average life expectancy for women there is one and a half years and for men one year lower than here. That the quality of our healthcare wouldn’t be so terrible? Or that Trump would cause this trend? Drug overdose deaths, at 109,000, were the highest number in the U.S. in 2021 since records began. But that was actually already in the first year of Biden’s presidency.

I don’t have time to remind you that the European Basketball Championship is starting here today. After 41 years. Back then, basketball was nicer.

Václav Klaus, 2 September 2022

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