Ivan David: It doesn’t matter what the voters think!

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The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs also said this for our prime minister: It doesn’t matter what the voters think!

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Description: MEP Ivan David on the stage of the SPD meeting in Hradec Králové

Are Ukrainians more important than their own voters? This is apparently the case of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens). While he expects protests against the sanctions in the freezing winter, he promises not to change the policy. After all, she promised it to the Ukrainian people. She said this at a podium discussion in Prague, on the occasion of a meeting of EU foreign ministers on energy policy.

The impending lack of energy in winter also casts a shadow at the end of summer. It seems clear that there will be protests in the streets of Europe. But the Green Minister refuses to change Ukrainian policy due to pressure from the street. Easing sanctions against Russia is out of the question.

“If I promise the people of Ukraine: ‘We will stand by you as long as you need us,’ then I will keep that promise. Regardless of what German voters think. But I will support the people of Ukraine, as I promised,” said Baerbock – according to WELT.


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Baerbock is aware that people will take to the streets, but she doesn’t seem to care: “People will take to the streets and say they can’t pay their utility bills.” Social action needs to be taken against that, and she he says he will. But they will never agree that sanctions against Russia must be lifted.

Baerbock previously promoted a strategic realignment of EU policy towards Russia at an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers. The Federal Foreign Minister’s proposal contained four points: strengthening self-defense, support for opponents of the Russian regime, support for Ukraine, and cooperation with global partners in the defense of international law.

The concept, which member states received as a basis for discussion, also recognizes that support for Ukraine comes at a cost that is likely to continue to grow. Strategic communication efforts with people affected by sanctions should therefore aim to show how support for Ukraine will increase Europe’s security in the long term and why sanctions are necessary and effective.

The text also states what should be the goal of Ukraine’s support. “To prevent future aggression, Russia’s war against Ukraine must turn into its strategic failure,” said the classified document, which is available to the German press agency. This failure is defined in the broadest sense of the word and also includes separation from Russia in the field of energy.

The last time the EU agreed on five common principles for negotiations with Russia was in 2016. Even then, it decided to strengthen resistance to threats from Russia, and we can see the result today.

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